commercial loans to business

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As business becomes more competitive and risk increases, so does the need for lenders and
analysts who can effectively identify and assess risk. Omega Performance’s proven methods
provide a solid foundation in commercial lending skills and enable your organization to
compete successfully in the commercial business market.
Why Commercial Loans to Business?
Commercial Loans to Business is the industry
standard for providing commercial lenders
with the combination of skills and current
information they need to make sound,
well-informed loan decisions. The training
program focuses on high-value, high-impact
competencies by emphasizing interpretation
and analysis.
Commercial Loans to Business helps you and
your lenders:
• Develop a more profitable, lower-risk
loan portfolio
• Increase lending efficiency
• Receive high-quality training with flexible
delivery methods
• Create a common vocabulary and lending
process throughout the organization
• Improve relationships with customers
through a better understanding of their
business and credit needs
Who Should Be Trained?
Commercial Loans to Business is
recommended for:
• Entry-level and mid-career commercial
• Entry-level and mid-career commercial
credit analysts
• Credit administration staff
• Loan review staff
• Management trainees
Delivery Method
We offer flexible delivery options, including
online with print Reference Guide and
optional webinars, workshop or coaching,
and print self-study with optional webinars,
three-day workshop or coaching. There is
also a five-day workshop with minimal prework, and print accompaniment.
Participants generally need 25 to 30 hours to
complete the online self-study modules or 40
to 60 hours to complete the print self-study.
What Is Included?
Commercial Loans to Business includes the
following self-study modules, each of which
covers an important facet of the commercial
lending decision process:
• Opportunity Assessment
• Borrowing Causes
• Industry and Business Risk Analysis
• Financial Statement Analysis
• Cash Flow Analysis
• Projections
• Loan Structure
Commercial Loans to Business online includes
state of the art technology using interactive
case-based learning, practice exercises, job
aids, worksheets and case-based progress
checks with feedback and remediation links
to relevant content. Pre-testing and posttesting are also available. Additionally,
access to an online mentor ensures
attainment of learning objectives.
Omega Key Differentiators
• The industry standard in providing the best foundation for commercial credit analysis and
• Available application workshop taught by Omega instructors who are past senior lenders
and who are schooled in adult learning
• Allows for a variety of delivery methods, including online or paper-based self-study,
digital media, and applications workshops
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