ssyra jr. 2015-2016 - Leon County Schools

SSYRA JR. 2015-2016
Kelly DiPucchio
Green Dot
There’s a Lion in
my Cornflakes
Michelle Robinson
No AR Quiz*
The Princess in Black
Shannon & Dean Hale
Blue Dot
Dog Vs. Cat
Chris Gall
Green Dot
The Bear Ate Your
Julia Sarcone-Roach
No AR Quiz*
Bowling Alley Bandit
Laurie Keller
White Dot
I Will Chomp You!
Jory John
No AR Quiz*
Three Bears in a
David Soman
White Dot
It’s Go Time!
Scott McCormick
Red Dot
There Was an Old
Penny Klostermann
No AR Quiz*
This is a Moose
Richard Morris
Orange Dot
Naughty Kitty!
Adam Stower
Red Dot
Max the Brave
Ed Vere
No AR Quiz*
Rise of the Earth
Tracey West
Blue Dot
Gone Fishing
Tamera Wissinger
Green Dot
*At the time of list release these books did not yet have an AR quiz. 10/22/2015