University of Arkansas at Monticello

Student Health
Randy S. Risher Wellness Center
[email protected]
The Student Health Nurse is directly
responsible for the administration of
the Student Health Program at the
University of Arkansas-Monticello. This program
includes first aid, a
variety of non-prescription medications, emergency
services, and general health advice. In addition, referrals may be made to local agencies. The
Student Health Program also features an Exercise
Center available for students, faculty, and staff.
The co-curricular experience plays a critical role in
the development of students at the University.
University of
Arkansas at
Upward Bound
Harris Hall—3rd Floor
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Division of Student Affairs
University Center-Upper Level
Upward Bound is a college preparatory program
designed to generate the skills and motivation
necessary for success in education beyond high
school among young people from low-income and
first generation families. Upon graduation from high
school, eligible seniors are offered a chance to
participate in the Upward Bound Bridge Program.
Seniors are given the opportunity to take six hours
of college courses during the first summer session.
Students are provided tuition, fees, room and board.
Student Programs & Activities
University Reservations
University Center-Upper Level
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Fine Arts Center
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With a wide variety of programs, activities, and over
sixty student organizations, UAM offers ten Greek
organizations as well. Students are able to take an
active, hands-on approach to learning life skills.
These opportunities are provided to encourage
student participation, to experience various cultural
and entertainment events, and to promote the
maturation of students. In addition, the University
offers students a series of special events and
programs planned and coordinated by the Student
Activities Board (SAB) and the Student Government
Association (SGA).
The University Reservations office helps to schedule
meetings, events, and special activities around campus. This office works closely with both student
organizations and the Student Programs & Activities
office to reserve space for both on-campus and offcampus organizations. The locations we provide
include small to large meeting rooms in the University Center, the Spencer Art Gallery and the 440 seat
Fine Arts Center Auditorium. This office also coordinates with Aramark Food Services on campus to
ensure that any catering needs are met. All locations
may be reserved free of charge.
The Office of Student Affairs serves as a
liaison with faculty and other
administrative offices on behalf of
students. We extend support services, information referral assistance and
administer the student judicial system.
We also provide students with
information about co-curricular
activities and programs, and University policies that affect students such as the student
code of conduct.
Student Affairs Office
P. O. Box 3459
Monticello, AR 71656
Phone: 870-460-1053
Fax: 870-460-1653
Public Safety
Public Safety
[email protected]
Car eer Ser vices
Harris Hall—2nd Floor
[email protected]
Freshmen and sophomores are assisted with
career assessment, values clarification, and
occupational data to help them make informed
choices of academic majors. Juniors and Seniors are provided opportunities for experiential
learning (internships) and discovering the
relationship of skills acquired to the broader
work world. Career Services helps prepare
graduating seniors to be successful candidates
by helping them translate their academic and
co-curricular experiences into successful job
campaigns or graduate school applications.
Dining Services
University Center-Upper Level
[email protected]
You’ll find a variety of foods, including hand-tossed
pizza, entrees, vegetables, soup, sandwiches, salad
and dessert bars in the campus dining hall.
Located in the Fred J. Taylor Library, Montague’s
Deli and Java City is a relaxing place to eat. They
offer a variety of sandwiches, wraps, salads, coffees,
hot teas, cookies, scones and muffins.
Public Safety maintains a reasonably safe
campus. Responsible for crime prevention, law
enforcement, parking control, emergency
response, residence hall security, policing of
special events, and various other community
services on campus, they provide a full range of
campus services 24 hours a day, 365 days a
Public Safety officers have complete police
authority to apprehend and arrest anyone
involved in illegal acts on-campus and areas
immediately adjacent to the campus.
Additionally, Public Safety is the official lost
and found for the campus.
Residence Life
Harris Hall—2nd Floor
[email protected]
Intramurals & Recr ea tion
Counseling & Testing
Harris Hall—2nd Floor
[email protected]
The office routinely provides confidential counseling and support services which promote personal, academic, and the psychological wellbeing of students. Students are offered a wide
variety of tests, including CLEP, Praxis, and the
ACT. A brochure listing tests, costs, and test
dates is available in the Counseling and Testing
University Center-Lower Level
[email protected]
The Intramural and Recreation Program is a vital part
of campus life at the University. Individuals and
teams participate in a wide variety of competitive
sports and special events. Intramurals encourage
cooperation, good sportsmanship, and physical fitness. Additional opportunities to pursue recreational
activities are available through the use of the U.C.
Recreation Areas and several outdoor facilities.
Today’s residence halls are The Residence Life
program at the
places where life experiences
University strives to
are integrated with the total provide more than
just a room in its
university educational
residence halls.
program. A student’s
experiences in the residence
halls can have a major impact on academic
performance and overall personal growth.
Through hall governments, intramural sports,
educational workshops, and other activities, the
University strives to meet students’ diverse
needs by making the residence hall a livinglearning experience. High-speed internet
connections are available in all Residence Halls
and the University Apartments.