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Science Fiction
The Last Centurion.
John Ringo
Scott Sigler
at the
Public Library
APRIL 2009
The Alexander Cipher.
Buffalo Calf Road Woman.
Heart and Soul.
The Night Angel.
Terminal Freeze.
Another Mother's Life.
The Spare Room.
Don't Look Twice.
The Writing on My Forehead.
The Wilderness.
The Book of Night Women.
The Rose of Sebastopol.
Mixed Blood.
Very Valentine.
Will Adams
Rosemary Agonito
Maeve Binchy
T. Davis Bunn
Lincoln Child
Rowan Coleman
Helen Garner
Andrew Gross
Nafisa Haji
Samantha Harvey
Marlon James
Katharine McMahon
Roger Smith
Adriana Trigiani
Wild Sorrow.
Murder in the Latin Quarter.
Oolong Dead.
Hangman Blind.
Murder in the Dark.
A Good Walk Spoiled.
American Rust.
The Night Following.
Night and Day.
The Mao Case.
Silent on the Moor.
Murder in Mykonos.
The Adversary.
Dead Silence.
Sandi Ault
Cara Black
Laura Childs
Cassandra Clark
Kerry Greenwood
J.M. Gregson
Philipp Meyer
Morag Joss
Robert B. Parker
Qiu Xiaolong
Deanna Raybourn
Michael Robotham
Jeffrey Siger
Michael Walters
Randy Wayne White
005.369 Quicken 2009 for Dummies.
S. Nelson
006.7 iWork '08.
Richard Harrington
006.78 How to Do Everything.
Donna L. Baker
153.43 Problem Solving 101.
Ken Watanabe
153.9 The Element.
Ken Robinson
155.2 The Self-Esteem Trap. Polly Young-Eisendrath
155.232 Born to Be Good.
Dacher Keltner
155.67 How to Live.
Henry Alford
158 A Life at Work.
Thomas Moore
158.25082 Friend or Frenemy?
Andrea Lavinthal
179.3 Farm Sanctuary.
Gene Baur
204.4 Oneness with All Life.
Eckhart Tolle
226.066 Q, the Earliest Gospel. John S. Kloppenborg
271.5302 A Persistent Peace.
John Dear
277.3083 Lessons from San Quentin.
Bill Dallas
299.93 The Moses Code.
James F. Twyman
302.14 Volunteer Vacations.
Bill McMillan
303.49 The Next 100 Years.
George Friedman
306.3615 The Sexual Paradox.
Susan Pinker
306.736 The Truth About Cheating. M. Gary Neuman
306.874 Multiple Bles8ings.
Jon Gosselin
320.973 Moyers on Democracy.
Bill Moyers
322.30973 Swim Against the Current. J. Hightower
327.1273 The Shadow Factory.
James Bamford
332.024 Living Well in a Down Economy.
T. Barr
332.024 Enough.
John C. Bogle
332.024 J.K. Lasser's Guide for Tough Times. B. Weltman
333.72 Big Green Purse.
Diane MacEachern
338.4 Zoom.
Iain Carson
352.2386 The Inaugural Address, 2009. Barack Obama
362.292 Moments of Clarity.
Christopher Lawford
363.738 You Can Prevent Global Warming. J. Langholz
364.1532 Murder by Family.
Kent Whitaker
368.382 Critical.
Tom Daschle
373.1262 Master The GED 2009. Ronald M. Kaprov
413.1 Random House Webster's Rhyming Dictionary.
419.1 Baby Sign Language Basics. Monta Z. Briant
423 Semantricks.
423.1 The Wrong Word Dictionary. Dave Dowling
427.09 A Dictionary of Euphemisms.
R.W. Holder
551.63 Man vs. Weather.
Dennis Diclaudio
567.9 How to Build a Dinosaur.
John R. Horner
599.643 American Buffalo.
Steven Rinella
610 Trick or Treatment.
Simon Singh
611.8 Beyond the Zonules of Zinn. David Bainbridge
612.76 Spark.
John J. Ratey
612.82 The Brain.
613.2 Eat This, Not That!
David Zinczenko
613.25 The Skinny.
Louis Aronne
614.1 How Not to Die.
Jan Garavaglia
615.103 The Pill Book.
Harold M. Silverman
616.522 Shingles.
Mary-Ellen Siegel
616.83 Against Medical Advice.
James Patterson
616.84912 The Migraine Brain. Carolyn Bernstein
616.8527 Understanding Depression. Paul Robbins
616.898 Stalking Irish Madness.
Patrick Tracey
616.994 Anticancer.
David Servan-Schreiber
617.48 When the Air Hits Your Brain.
F. Vertosick
618.8589 The ADD and ADHD Cure.
Jay Gordon
621.042 Renewable Energy Made Easy. D. Craddock
629.2293 Build Your Own Electric Vehicle.
S. Leitman
636.2009 Raising Steaks.
Betty Fussell
636.7 The Adopted Dog Bible.
Kim Saunders
637.3 The Home Creamery. Kathy Farrell-Kingsley
641.5884 1,001 Best Slow-Cooker Recipes. S. Spitler
643.7 The Complete Photo Guide to Home Repair.
646.2 Learn to Sew.
Alison Reid
649.7 Raising Freethinkers.
650.14 Knock 'Em Dead.
658.4012 What Would Google Do?
Jeff Jarvis
683.82 Things Cooks Love.
Sur La Table
745.593 The Artful Storybook.
Terry Taylor
745.5942 Jewelry Studio.
Linda Chandler
747 Good Design Can Change Your Life. T. Pennington
747 (The Nest) Home Design Handbook. C. Roney
781.11 The World in Six Songs.
Daniel J. Levitin
787.2092 The Soloist.
Steve Lopez
791.4372 Watchmen.
Peter Aperlo
796.357 The Yankee Years.
Joe Torre
796.522 Dead Lucky.
Lincoln Hall
796.54 Guide to Winter Hiking & Camping. Y. Maurer
797.1224 Going Vertical.
Tao Berman
811.54 Bicycles.
Nikki Giovanni
818.5408 The Norman Maclean Reader.
909.831 My Guantanamo Diary. M. Rukhsana Khan
910.202 Ultimate Adventures.
Greg Witt
918.11046 The Lost City Of Z.
David Grann
919.694 Hawaii's Big Island. Elizabeth Blish Hughes
943.086 Hunting Eichmann.
Neal Bascomb
947.52086 The Angel of Grozny.
Asne Seierstad
956.053 Innocent Abroad.
Martin Indyk
956.054 We Can Have Peace in The Holy Land. J. Carter
956.7044 The Gamble.
973.099 Veeps.
973.7112 The Wanderer.
973.931 The War Within.
973.932 The Breakthrough.
Thomas E. Ricks
Bill Kelter
Erik Calonius
Bob Woodward
Gwen Ifill
CHEEVER Cheever.
Blake Bailey
COOPER The House at Sugar Beach. Helene Cooper
DAVES Radioman.
Ray Daves
DOBYNS No Angel.
Jay Dobyns
DUNGY Uncommon.
Tony Dungy
GIBSON The Original Man. Hipolito Rafael Chacon
GILBERT Flyaway.
Suzie Gilbert
HANDLER Barbie and Ruth.
Robin Gerber
KENNEDY Last Lion.
Bella English
MURDOCH The Man who Owns the News. M. Wolff
SHEFF Beautiful Boy.
David Sheff
Large Type
The Noble Fugitive.
T. Davis Bunn
Walk Two Moons.
Sharon Creech
Carl Hiaasen
Murder Inside the Beltway. Margaret Truman
Cream Puff Murder.
Finding Moon.
Sin Killer.
The Shell Seekers.
Deja Dead.
Joanne Fluke
Tony Hillerman
Larry McMurtry
Christopher Moore
Rosamunde Pilcher
Kathy Reichs
CD (Book)
973.931 The Assault on Reason.
Sophie's World.
The Gunslinger.
Sin Killer.
Al Gore
Jostein Gaarder
Stephen King
Larry McMurtry
CD (Music)
POP/ROCK Dark Side of the Moon.
Pink Floyd
155.9 Stress.
333.7923 Saved by the Sun.
333.9595 Whale Wars.
363.73874 Global Warming.
551.48 Mystery of the Megaflood.
570 Rachel Carson's Silent Spring.
591.59 Jane Goodall's When Animals Talk.
599.5 Whaledreamers.
629.222 Car of the Future.
630.9747 American Farm.
635 Year 'round Gardening with Jerry Baker.
796.522 Blindsight.
941.085 Monarchy.
956.7044 Uncovered.
973.7115 Underground Railroad.
American Splendor.
Annie Hall.
Avenue Montaigne.
The Bachelor and the Bobby-Soxer.
Cannery Row.
Cheers for Miss Bishop.
The Day After Tomorrow.
Divorce Italian Style.
The Duchess.
A Fond Kiss.
Frozen River.
The Manchurian Candidate.
Paradise Now.
Quo Vadis.
Rachel Getting Married.
The Secret Life of Bees.
Seven Samurai.
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