Water temperature

As a part of our Murder under the Microscope investigation, we need to gather information to help
solve the environmental crime.
You need to use the Internet, books, your own knowledge or speak to an adult to find answers to
the following questions.
You can write your answers in your homework book, or on a separate piece of paper.
This is an important homework task, as ALL information collected in the class will be
Your topic this week is:
SECTION 1- Does the temperature vary in a large body of water?
Question 1- Is all water the same temperature?
Question 2- Is a lake the same temperature as a river?
Question 3- Is the ocean the same temperature as a river?
Question 4- Are there times when a lake or river might be warmer or cooler?
SECTION 2- What happens to life in the water when temperature
HINT! Think about (and research) the importance of
oxygen for these questions.
Question 1- What happens when the temperature in a
river rises? What happens when it falls?
Question 2- How do these changes in temperature affect
life in a river? Why?
Question 3- Which plants and animals are most affected?
SECTION 3- Who or what might cause changes in temperature in
Changes in temperature can be caused by natural means and activities related to humans.
Use your sources of information to find out how water temperature is changed.
Draw up the following table in your book and research the effect of the different activities.
Water is released from a dam
Water from dams is often released from the
deepest parts so it is colder.
Spring snow melts
Factory outflow
SECTION 4- Where has it happened?
Investigate one river system, such as the Murray-Darling system, where damage to the river
is well documented.
Find out about the temperature changes in the water of the river. Find out what other
changes accompanied the changes in temperature.
Write a short paragraph explaining the combined effects of temperature and other factors on
the river.