Technology and Facilities Services 2015 - 2016


Technology and Facilities Services 2015 - 2016


LOCATION: OFFICE HOURS: PHONE: EMAIL: Teaching Academy, Room 420 Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm 407-823-6047 [email protected]


LOCATION: HOURS: PHONE: Education Complex, Room 173 Monday-Friday 8:00am-4:30pm 407-823-5003

Mission Statement

The College of Education and Human Performance (CEDHP) Office of Technology and Facilities aims to provide a high level of customer service in our efforts to provide outstanding technology and facilities support.


Computer Support

 Faculty and staff must contact the Education Help Desk ( [email protected]

) to request technology support. (

CEDHP purchased property only. We are unable to assist with any personal equipment

)  Maintain, install, troubleshoot, and provide software and hardware support for CEDHP faculty and staff. o o o o This is limited to college-owned and supported programs. Prior to dropping off equipment for repair,

on the machine.

user is responsible for backing up all files and documents

Grant personnel should request assistance via their technical coordinator. Lab computer, iPad cart, and laptop cart software requests should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to the first day of each semester and should be emailed to [email protected]

.  Train CEDHP faculty, staff, and GAs on use of Qualtrics and Interactive Whiteboards.

Equipment Checkout

 Provide equipment for checkout to CEDHP faculty, staff, or GAs. o Equipment includes technology such as laptops, projectors, and other computer-related accessories.  GAs are only permitted to checkout equipment for a faculty-related project and need approval from their supervisor prior to checkout.  User is responsible for removing any data from checkout items prior to returning item. o o Golf cart is available for UCF business-related campus travel. We suggest to reserve items in advance due to limited availability.

Classroom and Lab Support

Mon-Thurs 8:00am-8:00pm, Fri 8:00am-5:00pm

Classroom support is provided during the academic term.  Provide technical support for College equipment located in all CEDHP multimedia classrooms.  Laptop and iPad carts are available for use during class times. Please contact [email protected]

to  make a request.


Provide server support to the CEDHP which includes but is not limited to: Backup and storage of critical user data (

storage limits apply

), shared data folders, internet and intranet CEDHP websites, software updates and deployments, and network printers.  Authentication: Coordinate with CS&T to provide unified NID access to CEDHP workstations and servers. o NID accounts will still need to be registered and given access to CEDHP non-public facing workstations. Please contact [email protected]

or call 407-823-6047 for more info.


 Recommend and facilitate the purchase of specific technology and software. o Grant personnel should request assistance via their Technical Coordinator. o

All technology items and software require approval prior to purchasing.


 Provide means to distribute information via TV(s) in Education Complex, Morgridge International Reading Center, and Teaching Academy. o Digital signage can be posted on the TV(s) in Education Complex, Morgridge International Reading Center, and Teaching Academy. o Fliers can be posted on the bulletin boards in the Education Complex and Teaching Academy. o o Only signage that directly benefit CEDHP faculty, staff, and/or students will be approved. Email signage requests to [email protected]

for approval.

Web and Application Development

 Create, develop, and troubleshoot approved websites/projects for CEDHP faculty and staff.  Offer consultation in planning website development for approved CEDHP projects.  Post content to CEDHP owned and maintained website(s) as requested by website coordinator.



 Schedule and facilitate functions in the 12,600 square foot Gymnasium.  Maintain the CEDHP facilities to ensure a safe environment.    Install keyboard trays and other specialized furniture equipment for the CEDHP. Assist with faculty and staff office moves. Provide Lost and Found service for the CEDHP. Lost and found items can be reported to Teaching Academy 420 during business hours.  Maintain University door keys for the Education Complex, College of Education Center, Morgridge International Reading Center, and Teaching Academy.

Room Scheduling

 Reserve college-controlled rooms in the Teaching Academy and Morgridge International Reading Center. o Please visit to submit a room request. o Scheduling inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

.  Coordinate technology and facilities needs for events. o Meet with requestors for walk-throughs prior to event date. o o Provide technology support during events. Technology requests must be made at least two weeks prior to event date.  Submit custodial and pre-cool work orders with Facilities Operations as needed.

Building service issues requiring immediate attention (example: leaking toilet) should be reported to UCF Facilities Operations at 407-823-5223.