Lesson Title – Planning a Financial Literacy Project Lesson Author

Draft June 2012
Lesson Title – Planning a Financial Literacy Project
Lesson Author – Barbara Turner
Subject – Personal Finance
Grade Level – 10-12
State Standard(s):
5.2 Practice leadership, citizenship and teamwork skills when developing and implementing
collaborative projects
Lesson Description
This is a project-based lesson designed to guide students through the steps of planning a financial
literacy outreach project. The lesson focuses on the students’ ability to apply personal finance
knowledge to a project that educates a group in the community about personal finance.
Instructional Objectives
Students will use the FCCLA planning process to plan a personal finance community outreach project
that will be carried out before the end of the semester.
Journal, short lecture/discussion via PowerPoint on the planning process and how to use it to plan a
financial literacy project. Students will then work in groups for about 15-20 minutes as teacher monitors
discussion. Groups will share ideas and make comments/suggestions to help each other.
Classroom layout:
Journal work individually, Whole group during PowerPoint, small groups for planning, and whole class
for sharing. Desks will be grouped so as not to waste time moving to groups
Materials, Resources, Technology
FCCLA planning process, Examples of planning process, materials related to group topics, computer
Student’s Present Level of Performance and Knowledge
The students are aware of the Personal Finance Honors requirement of educating another group in the
community about some aspect of Personal Finance. They are also familiar with FCCLA and its activities.
They were introduced to the FCCLA Financial Fitness project, fcclainc.org, and have brainstormed several
ideas as a group. In this lesson they will work in groups to expand on the topics they have selected. The
project will take several days to complete but will be done some in class and mostly in PAT, before or
after school.
Lesson Set-Up:
Journal – On screen when students enter the room. Handouts copied and placed in each group.
Teaching Strategies: Daily re-looping of previously learned material, oral sharing of a written topic,
cooperative learning
Closure: Groups will share ideas and make plans for what needs to be done before next work session.
Formal and informal – Journal writing will be graded once they have five (20 pts each). Groups will be
evaluated on planning process discussion. Students will also be assessed at the completion of the
project by the teacher and group they teach. Each student is also evaluated using the State of TN CTE
grading rubric on a scale of 1-4. Rubric posted in classroom. This is done on eTiger.
Accommodations: This is an honors class and accommodations aren’t needed.
Enrichment, Extension and Remediation: Groups not staying on target with their goals will come in to
Draft June 2012
work on PAT times and after school.