STAR Events PowerPoint

Students Taking Action with Recognition
What are STAR Events?
STAR Events are competitive events in which
members are recognized for proficiency and
achievement in chapter and individual
projects, leadership skills, and career
They are divided into 4 categories:
Foundational, Leadership, Career Preparation & Online
Foundational Events
These events, which build basic leadership &
life skills, are for FCCLA members who want to
get involved and improve upon themselves.
Applied Technology
Focus on Children
Interpersonal Communications
Nutrition & Wellness
Recycle & Redesign
Career Investigation
Environmental Ambassador
Illustrated Talk
Job Interview
Life Event Planning
Parliamentary Procedure
Leadership Events
These events provide an opportunity for
leaders to gain recognition for their work in
their chapters. The event content is designed
to be a chapter project led by the team who
takes it to the competition.
Chapter Service Project Manual or Display
Chapter Showcase Manual or Display
National Programs in Action
Promote and Publicize FCCLA
Career Preparation Events
These events are for students interested in a
specific career area. Most events are for only
students who have taken the related classes &
spent time building career specific skills and
knowledge, but a few events are open to
students who want to explore a specific career
Culinary Arts
Fashion Construction
Food Innovations
Teach & Train
Early Childhood
Fashion Design
Interior Design
Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation
Online Events
These events have two participation levels. In Level I,
participants submit their online, digital project for
evaluation. In Level II, the 20 highest scoring entries
are invited to present their digital project, plus an oral
presentation, at Nationals.
Digital Stories for Change
No Kid Hungry National Outreach Project
FCCLA Chapter Website
I want to compete! Now what?
1. Look at the handout and decide on 2-3 projects that
look interesting.
2. Go to the FCCLA website to read through each
event’s description, instructions and evaluation
criteria (so you can make up your mind & know EXACTLY what
you need to do)
3. Have parents sign the permission form.
4. Complete the FCCLA Planning Process, turn-in to Mrs.
Walton before November 18th.
5. Meet the deadlines agree upon for typed materials,
draft of speech, presentation, visuals, etc. (Regionals
are in February, State is in March!)
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