Reasons to attend State FCCLA Leadership Conference

Reasons to attend State FCCLA Leadership Conference:
To promote personal growth and leadership development
To provide opportunities for personal development and preparation for adult life
To receive state recognition in competition of STAR Events, State Degree, Power
of One, Chapter Honor Roll and Unite to Read
To network and gather ideas for Service & Community Projects
Ky Core Content
 PL-HS-1.1.01
 PL-HS-1.1.02
 PL-HS-1.1.05
 PL-HS-1.1.08
 PL-HS-3.2.01
 PL-HS-4.3.03
 PL-HS-4.1.03
 PL-HS-4.2.02
Concurrent Sessions will be held on the following topics:
- Team Abstinence from the Door of Hope
- MADD Youth in Action- Against Drunk Driving
- Using Credit Wisely
- Preparing for a Career
- Goal Setting
- Organ Donations