2016 Found Festival Submission Call

2016 Found Festival
Submission Call
Found Festival is a multidisciplinary found space and site specific arts festival exhibiting
innovative new works in unconventional spaces in Edmonton, Alberta. The festival dates are
June 23-26, 2016.
• Found space, site specific, and installation based work;
• Any artistic discipline: music, dance, visual art, film, theatre, writing, etc.;
• Previously produced work or new work;
• One-minute performances, day-long endurance art pieces and everything in between;
• Projects should be informed by or built to suit found space; and
• Preference will be given to projects that best consider community impact and use of found
Maximum two pages (not including Lead Artist CV and support materials)
• Project description including desired audience experience;
• Desired venue(s)/location;
• Potential community impact (how the project involves and/or effects the local community);
• Potential requirements (power access, sound, lighting, projection, etc.);
• Creation and development process, including timeline;
• Lead Artist CV; and
• Support material (past performance history, script excerpts, photos, videos, etc.).
DEADLINE: February 23, 2016
2016 Found Festival
Submission Call
Now in its fifth year, Found Festival is a showcase of dance, theatre, visual art, music, film,
creative writing and more. All performances and installations are in unconventional spaces theatre in a back alley, poetry on a street car, contemporary dance in public parks.
Performances are affordable, accessible, interactive, and empowering, encouraging artists to
contribute to the cultural landscape of the city.
Past venues have included a funeral home, residential garage, and a Dodge Grand Caravan.
We’ve had live music played on rooftops, movies projected onto buildings, and a play performed
– in the middle of June – on a giant pile of snow. Some pieces are designed for as few as one
person at a time, while others accommodate as many as 200. We are committed to presenting
innovative, entertaining, and provocative new works that push the boundaries of audience
interaction, allowing both spectators and performers to engage in a more stimulating brand of
risk-taking and play.
The Common Ground Arts Society is a not-for-profit organization established in 2009 dedicated
to the promotion, advocacy, and development of Edmonton’s vibrant arts scene. We showcase
and develop the work of artists in Edmonton through our flagship festival, workshops,
performances and community events.
Send Submissions to Festival Director Beth Dart [email protected]
For more information on Common Ground Arts Society, visit www.commongroundarts.ca