Lesson Plan | Healthy Food 2 |English Grade 6-8

Lesson Plan | Healthy Food 2 |English
Grade 6-8
Discuss about healthy food habits with the students. Bring on examples that relates to their
food choices.
Persuasive speech writing
Ask the students
Suppose you went to Class 1 and you have to give a
speech about “Eating Healthy Foods”. You have to
persuade the kids to eat healthy foods and avoid junk or
unhealthy foods. How would you do that?
Think how you can persuade a class 1 student to eat
healthy foods. The speech should include a very strong
introduction that will attract the kids, such as:
You may come up with example like, how
Popeye from the famous non-fictional animated
television show becomes very strong after eating
spinach. How he solves all his problems very easily. He
is strong because he eats spinach and comes up with all
the solutions of his problem very easily.
Mention how eating healthy food can make
them strong. Summarize the main points in the conclusion.
Divide students into groups.
Have one side of the room to list out points
“why should we eat healthy food”, and other
side of the room to list out points “why
should we eat junk foods”.
Then choose students randomly from the two
groups to agree with point and other to
disagree. Form a debate with both groups.
Ask students to make a healthy food routine for a week:
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 6
Day 7
Explain the student how this routine is going to help them to lead a healthy life