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1. Tell something about a concrete experience of your life which you deem life changing.
2. What are the negative and/or positive consequences of this to your life and the people around
3. What realizations and lessons have you learned from this. How do you apply these now in your
4. From this experience of yours, what life philosophy have you derived? Explain
1. I was admitted to the hospital twice due to pneumonia in 2019 and a kidney disorder in 2020. I got
pneumonia because our cousin, who used to reside with us, was addicted to smoke, which caused me to
inhale secondhand smoke. And for the kidney disorder, I used to eat a lot of junk food and drink soft drinks.
I also used to eat salty foods that led me to have a kidney disorder. But I am getting better as the years go
by and have learned a lesson about taking care of my health.
2. There are negative and positive consequences to learning the lesson. The positive consequences are
that I can no longer eat junk food and soda, I am no longer tempted to eat any of them, and I have also
improved my diet by eating low-sodium foods now. Sometimes, the people around me are influenced to
eat low-sodium foods. However, the negative consequence is that I am prohibited from eating some of my
favorite foods.
3. I realize that not monitoring your diet can really lead to something you didn't expect. I learned that
something that is too little or too much is not a good thing for us. I apply these lessons to my life daily by
choosing what I eat.
4. My life philosophy after this experience is "Health is wealth." I understand the importance of taking care
of my health and making mindful choices when it comes to nutrition. It's a reminder that sometimes,
sacrificing temporary pleasures for long-term well-being is worth it.