High School Course: Government ITT Tech Course Equivalent: N/A

High School Course: Government
ITT Tech Course Equivalent: N/A
Instructor: Goodenough
Class Duration: 120 minutes (2 hours)
Course Description: Government examines the philosophical foundations of American
democracy, the history of the United States government, and the meaning of
citizenship. This course traces the evolution of the United States from its origin as a
confederation to a modern constitutional republic. Students will gain an understanding
of how their government functions, of the duties of their elected officials, and of their
own rights and responsibilities as U.S. citizens. The course explores types of
governments, the origins of American government, and the principles of the
Constitution. The course focuses on civil liberties, the roles of the executive, judicial,
and legislative branches, and the relationships between federal, state, and local
General supplies needed:
Folder (with pockets)
3 ring binder with paper or a notebook
Pens/Pencils/Highlighters (basically any writing utensil is acceptable in my book)
**optional** iPod or smartphone, MP3 player, headphones
ITT supplies needed:
Student laptop (supplied by ITT Tech)
Cellphone Regulations:
Cellphones are required to be turned off or placed on silent/vibrate for the duration of the
class period
Students may not use instructional time to place phone calls, text or use the internet.
Parents, if you need to get a hold of your student during school hours, please call the
school and refrain from texting or calling your child on his or her cell phone.
School Behavior Regulations:
- Students are expected to comply with the policies that regulate student actions and
behavior according to ITT Tech and the Early Career Academy
- Students can refer to their handbook for more information on policies and procedures
Academic Integrity:
All students are expected to comply with the policies that regulate all forms of academic
dishonesty or academic misconduct.
- All work submitted in this course must be your own and be written exclusively for this
course. The use of sources (ideas, quotations, paraphrases) must be properly documented.
- When you claim authorship of an assignment, you are claiming everything in it as your
own, and you will be held accountable for it. Therefore: always see me before you turn in
an essay for a grade if you have any doubt about your citation practices. I am happy to
help you better understand MLA/APA formatting rules.
*** Please be aware: I take issues of plagiarism and academic integrity very seriously.
Plagiarism is cheating, and I will treat it as such.
Classroom Expectations and Requirements:
Students are expected to communicate in a professional manner with other students and
Collaboration between students and the teacher is encouraged
Raise hands for answering questions and for asking permission
Bathroom breaks will be provided at certain times during the class period. Excessive
bathroom breaks during instructional time are discouraged. Please use passing time
between classes to use restroom.
Bottled water with a closed cap is permitted in the classroom. No soda or juice products.
(If students have documented health needs, please communicate and show health
documentations with your instructor)
o Drink MUST be kept below desk at all times.
o Drink MUST be consumed away from technology
Dry snacks are permitted at certain times at the instructor’s permission. (If students have
documented health needs, please communicate with your instructor).
o Dry snacks: granola bars, nuts, dry fruit, packaged fruit snacks ect.
Eating during instruction such as lecture or presentation time is not allowed.
Class Time Organization:
Since class time is 120 minutes, students will find their class period broken into various
segments, such as, but not limited to:
Instructional (teacher lecture, presentations, guidance)
Transitional activities
Guided Practice
Independent Practice
Informal/Formal Assessments
Hands-on Learning
Project-based Activities
Technology integration
Reading and Writing
Media & Film
Students will be required to complete various forms of assessments during the course
such as:
o Midterm and Final Exam
o Quizzes and Tests
o Projects
Attendance is required. Your regular attendance is vital to your success and the success
of the class as a whole. Class discussions and assignments play a major role in the
development of your essays, and it is important that you contribute to, and learn from, the
work we complete in class.
Absence Policy: If you are absent, it is your responsibility to check online for what you
missed that day in class and meet with your instructor to make arrangements for missing
work. Absences as a result of illness should be documented and communicated with your
instructor(s) and administration.
Tardy Policy: If you are late to class, it is your responsibility to meet with your
instructor(s) and receive missing information/assignments. Tardiness does not excuse late
A (4.0)
B+ (3.5)
B (3.0)
C+ (2.5)
C (2.0)
D+ (1.5)
D (1.0)
F (0.0)
Please sign and date (both parent/guardian & student) to verify that you have received and read
the information provided on this syllabus.
Student Signature _____________________________________________________
Parent/Guardian Signature ______________________________________________