Extended Transcript Access Mintel Oxygen

Extended Transcript
Mintel Oxygen contains in-depth market research reports focusing on consumer goods, travel, health
and well-being, technology, retail, and food and drink in the U.S., U.K., and Western Europe.
It includes market segmentation, size and trends, brand share analysis, supply channels, advertising,
retail distribution, product innovations, consumer lifestyles and attitudes, and more.
Access Mintel Oxygen
To access this database, click on the Mintel Oxygen link on the UTSA Libraries’ database page. You are
then prompted to accept Conditions of Use.
Before your first use, you will need to create a profile based on your UTSA email address. Simply click on
Create Profile on the right hand side.
Enter your UTSA email address and a new password. Click on Create Profile.
Logon with your new credentials.
What’s on Mintel Oxygen Homepage
On the homepage you can access Mintel reports for the U.S., as well as international and Travel and
Tourism reports. You can also view Analyst Insights. These are briefs on market developments written
by analysts tracking specific markets.
Our subscription to Mintel Oxygen includes these areas:
Find a Report
There are multiple points of access to information in Mintel Oxygen:
You may browse the menu on the left
Use the Search option on the top bar
Use keyword search box at the top right
Let’s say we are looking for market research on energy drinks in the U.S. A keyword search for energy
drinks retrieves a list of relevant reports. From here you also have an option to search for what’s hot
articles, companies, and news.
You can also link to market size data in Mintel Global Market Navigator.
Report Homepage
Mintel Oxygen reports have similar structure. Four main sections are Overview, Consumer,
Brand/Company, and Data. You can download the Executive Summary, Issues in the Market, and
Infographic Overview.
On the right hand side, you can view the analyst tracking this market. You may contact the analyst if you
have questions not covered in the report.
In addition, a list of prior reports on the topic is available. At the bottom of the page you may find
related reports, in this case about tea, bottled water and more.
Mintel Oxygen offers valuable insights on a variety to topics.
Another way to access sections of the report is to click on the Table of contents button in the middle of
the page.
Report Methodology
If you are interested how this report was created, click on the Methodology button:
This page describes methods for data collection and analysis.
View a Report Section
From the report homepage let’s click on the Brand Share section of the report. As you notice, your
search terms are highlighted. You may turn it off by using the Off button.
Other actions available on this page include downloading as a Word document, printing, and exporting
to basket. The advantage of using the exporting feature is being able to download all the selected files
at once.
If you scroll down the page you will find a table with energy shot sales by brand.
Please note the source of data at the bottom of the table.
As you can see, Mintel analysts use data produced by other companies in their research in addition to
conducting their own research.
You can download this table into a spreadsheet or create a graph.
Access Other Sections of a Report
You can explore other sections of the report by using the drop-down menu.
Another way is by clicking on the Concept Map on the top navigation bar.
Trade Associations
You may find trade associations affiliated with the market in the Data section on the report homepage.