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New Resources

April 2012

Please see a selection of the latest reports available from the Business

Information Centre.


Retail Bank Overview, Ireland – MINTEL

Strategic Insight into the US Mobile Wallet Market – Frost & Sullivan

Australian Payment Cards

– Review of 2011and Outlook to 2013 – Datamonitor

The Global Wealth Market in 2012

– Datamonitor

UK Marine Insurance in 2012 - Datamonitor


Lighting Market Report – UK 2012-206 Analysis – AMA

Paint Wallcoverings & Woodcare Market Report – UK 2012 – 2016 Analysis – AMA

Domestic Window Coverings Market Report

– UK 2012 – 2016 Analysis – AMA

Wall Cladding Market Report – UK 2012-2016 Analysis – AMA

Washroom Products Education & Health Sector Market Report – UK 2012-2016

Analysis - AMA


Underfloor Heating Market – UK 2012-2016 Analysis – AMA

Business Information Centre April 2012

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Utilities Construction Market Report – UK 2012-2016 Analysis – AMA

European Renewables Support Mechanism Strategy

– Business Insights

RFID in the Nuclear Industry – Frost & Sullivan

Carbon Footprint Reduction Opportunities in the Asia-Pacific Water & Waste

Management Markets

– Frost & Sullivan

Asia Pacific Uninterruptible Power Supply Market

– Frost & Sullivan

Global Concentrated Solar Power Market – Frost & Sullivan

Power Infrastructure in Europe – Datamonitor

Feed in Tariffs in Europe

– Datamonitor

European Wind Energy Update - Datamonitor


Breweries & the Beer Market – KEYNOTE

Corporate Hospitality – KEYNOTE

Biscuits & Cakes – KEYNOTE

Biscuits, Cookies & Crackers, UK


Chocolate Confectionery, UK – MINTEL

Coffee, UK - MINTEL

Ethnic Restaurants, UK


Provenance in Food & Drink, UK – MINTEL

Future Trends in Food & Drink Product Innovation – Business Insights

Mealtime & Snacking Trends in Australia

– Datamonitor

Consumer & Innovation Trends in Frozen Food - Datamonitor


Nappies & Baby Wipes, UK - MINTEL

Shampoo, Conditioners & Treatment Products, UK – MINTEL

Advances in the Discovery of Protein-Protein Interaction Modulators – Business


Advances in Ion Channel Drug Discovery – Business Insights

Indonesian Market for Cardiac Rhythm Market – Frost & Sullivan

Analysis of the Pharmaceutical Market of Kenya & Tanzania – Frost & Sullivan

Human Tissue Engineering Market in Europe

– Frost & Sullivan

Vaccines Market Access in India - Datamonitor

Business Information Centre April 2012

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Global Social Media in the Medical Devices Industry

– Frost & Sullivan

Drivers & Barriers for Cloud Services in Vertical Markets - OVUM


Strategic Analysis of the European Automotive Paint Additives Market

– Frost &


European Tire Market 2011-2015 - Datamonitor


London Olympics – KEYNOTE

Camping & Caravanning, UK


Cruises, UK – MINTEL

Pub Visiting, UK – MINTEL

Spectator Sports, UK – MINTEL


Upholstered Furniture & Beds Market Report – UK 2012-2016 Analysis - AMA

Bookselling – KEYNOTE

Footwear – KETNOTE

Fridges & Freezers, UK


Men’s Fashion Lifestyles, UK – MINTEL

Brand vs Own Label Retailing, Ireland – MINTEL

Convenience Stores, UK


UK Out of Town Retailing – Verdict Retail

Childrenswear Retailing in the UK – Verdict Retail

How Britain Shops for Footwear

– Verdict Retail

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Business Information Centre April 2012

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