massacre at mystic questions.doc - USImiskinis2012-2013

“The Massacre at Mystic” Part I
Students will acquire context to better understand primary source material from the
Pequot War.
Watch the History Channel documentary “The Massacre at Mystic” and answer the
following questions.
1. When 20,000 people left England for the New World in 1629, it was called…
2. Why did this group of people leave?
3. What was the major tribe in the Southern New England area called?
4. Where were they located?
5. What economic activity brings the Puritans and the Pequot together?
6. What did each want?
7. What is wampum?
8. Describe some cultural differences between each group.
9. Describe Puritan perceptions of Native American men.
10. List some examples of diseases brought over to New England by Europeans.
11. Why was Plymouth originally chosen as the first settlement site for the Puritans?
12. What percent of Native people were killed by epidemics?
13. How did this affect relations between the Pequot and other tribes?
14. Describe differences in how the Puritans viewed the land and the Natives viewed
the land.
15. After John Olden was murdered, what happened?
16. What method of warfare did the Puritans practice?
End at 18:24, skip 7-8