English The Personal Philosophy Paper

LA 5-6
The Personal Philosophy Paper
Purpose: A wise man once said, “the unexamined life is not worth living.” As one of the
many meaningful projects in Junior English you will be required to write a formal paper
which expresses your personal philosophy of life. At this stage in our life, you have no
doubt begun to develop some ideas about your personal beliefs, goals, and ideals. As is
the case with most people, these personal thoughts are in all probability random and
sometimes contradictory images which have never been formalized. The personal
philosophy paper will require you to carefully examine your life as it is now and to give
serious thought to the future.
ASSIGNMENT REQUIREMENTS: The personal philosophy paper is by its very nature
a highly individual endeavor. There are, however, certain minimum requirements for this
assignment. Listed below are the basic guidelines for the paper.
Length: The minimum length is five (5) typed pages for the body of the
paper. MLA format
Quotes/Works cited: You will be expected to augment your personal ideas
by citing quotes from others and relating these quotes to your own thinking.
Quotes may be taken from poems, song lyrics, quotation books, and any other
published source. A separate works cited page is required to document the
sources of your quotes.
Formal requirements: This paper is intended to represent your best formal
writing skills. Grammar and punctuation should be as close to error free as
possible. Since this is a highly personal piece of writing it should be written in
the first person. Strive to make your writing clear and precise while avoiding
philosophical word games. Keep the writing concrete! Additionally, your
paper should include the following:
A. A title page (feel free to be creative!)
B. A minimum of five (5) quotes
C. A works cited page with at least three (3) entries
D. Your best thinking and best effort!
Grading: The total point value of this assignment is worth 300 points. Your grade
will be based on the actual product of your work- the complete, typed philosophy
paper- and your successful completion of each step by its deadline. Class time
provided for completing this assignment should be used wisely and productively.
Failure to use class time properly will affect your grade.
A. Outline due dateB. Rough draft due dateC. Final Copy Due date-
Recommended Content:
This paper is intended to reflect primarily your own personal thoughts and ideas.
However, to ensure that you paper offers sufficient insight into the real you, listed below
is a recommended content guide for your paper. The outline which you prepare for this
paper should include many of the main points listed below but the actual organization for
your paper is up to you. If you do not feel comfortable discussing any of the topics
below, please let me know and we will make the necessary adjustments together.
I. What are your life’s goals?
II. What are your personal beliefs about God/religion?
III. What does education mean to you and what are your educational plans?
IV. What is your desired vocation?
a. Choosing a vocation
i. Financial considerations
ii. Personal satisfaction
b. Needed training/education
i. Cost in time
ii. Cost in dollars
V. What is your attitude toward family?
a. Your present situation at home
b. The selection of a life partner
i. The desired type
1. Physical qualities
2. Personality
ii. The nature of your relationship
c. The role of children in your life
d. Your most memorable childhood experience
VI. What should be the role of an individual in society?
a. What rights should be assured for all citizens/what should not?
b. Your responsibility in the preservation of this world
VII. What should be the role of government?
a. The purpose of government
b. Guaranteeing civil rights and minority rights
c. The criminal justice system
i. Current strengths
ii. Ways it could be improved
d. Preserving the environment
e. The U.S vs. the global community
VIII. What is your attitude toward aging and old age?
a. Your plans for the “golden years”
b. Your personal attitude toward aging/how people try to reverse the effects
IX. What are your personal thoughts on death and dying?