Dubliners (1914)
* Letter to Grant Richards, 5 May 1906
My intention was to write a chapter of the moral history of my country and I chose
Dublin for the scene because that city seemed to me the center of paralysis. I
have tried to present it to the indifferent public under four of its aspects:
childhood, adolescence, maturity and public life. The stories are arranged in this
Childhood: The Sisters, An Encounter, Araby
Adolescence: Eveline, After the Race, Two Gallants, The Boarding House
Maturity: A Little Cloud, Counterparts, Clay, A Painful Case
Public Life: Ivy Day in the Committee Room, A Mother, Grace
・1904 - Sep. 1905:
The Sisters, Eveline, After the Race, Clay, The Boarding House, Counterparts,
A Painful Case, Ivy Day in the Committee Room, An Encounter, A Mother
・Sep. - Aug. 1905: Araby と Grace が書き加えられる。
・Feb. 1906: Two Gallants
・Jul. 1906: A Little Cloud が追加される。 The Sisters の大幅な改稿。
・1907(Summer): The Dead の執筆