James Joyce, Dubliners, Quiz

Quiz — James Joyce, short stories
60 points
Multiple Choice -- Circle the correct letter. (3 points each)
1. The title "Araby" refers to: A) the main character's name B) a bazaar
character's nickname D) the town in which the story is set
C) the main
2. At the bazaar, the boy: A) buys nothing B) steals a necklace C) is not allowed to
enter D) buys a necklace
3. Originally, the boy was supposed to got to the bazaar with: A) a girl he likes
best friend
C) his mother
D) his uncle
4. Eveline and Frank have arranged to live in: A) Dublin
Aires D) Paris
5. Eveline works: A) at the Stores
D) as a secretary
B) for her father
B) Melbourne
B) his
C) Buenos
C) for the Catholic church
6. Eveline promised her mother she would: A) keep the family together B) never
marry a man who drinks C) move away to live with her brother D) marry someone and
move far away
The Boarding House
7. Mr. Doran confessed his affair with a woman to: A) Polly
C) no one
D) a priest
8. Ms Mooney: A) was divorced
B) Ms. Mooney
B) was a widow C) had an affair D) never married
9. At the end of the story, when Mr. Doran goes to meet Ms. Mooney, who does he pass
on the stairs? A) Jack Mooney B) Polly C) Polly's father D) a priest
10. An epiphany is: A) an Irish-Catholic prayer B) a personal moment of clarity
C) a subconscious desire
D) an Irish marriage ritual
Extra Credit
(1 point each)
On the Simpsons, what is the name of Lisa's teacher?
Bart's teacher?
For one episode. Homer legally changes his name to what?
Written Response ~ For each question below, write a well-written paragraph that draws
support from the stories and the discussions we had in class. (15 points each)
11. What role does religion play in the three stories we've read? Specifically, how does
religion influence the characters' thoughts and actions?
12. Using the stories as examples, discuss whether or not we're in control of our own
lives. To what extent are the decisions we make our own and to what extent are they
dictated by other forces?