Araby and Eveline. Key ideas

Describe the narrator.
Define the narrator's feelings for Mangan's sister. Why do you think he likes her?
(Consider how she is referred to as well as why she isn’t mentioned until well after
the story has begun.)
What is the role of the narrator's uncle in the story? What values and attitudes
does he represent? Are they preferable to those of the narrator?
What had the narrator expected to find at Araby? What was the basis of his
What doesn't he buy anything for Mangan's sister?
Why did the narrator wish to go to Araby? What has stood in his way?
What are the narrator’s feelings at the end? Examine the final paragraph.
How can we relate to this narrator?
Why did Eveline want to leave home? What was the relationship with her
father like?
After reading “Eveline,” how did this further our understanding of Joyce’s
attitude towards the Catholic Church? Find evidence in the story to prove this.
What are the points of view in this story? What is Joyce doing with these
POVs? How is this POV different than the previous stories?
Where in the story is Eveline compared to an animal? Why does Joyce do
this? (Hint: look near the end)
Why didn’t Eveline go with Frank? Was it a rational decision or more of an
emotional response? What do you think about her decision? (Look back at
the last paragraph.)
What is the connection between this story and your life? In essence, with
which emotion can you most identify?