Ancient Chinese Dynasties Yuan to Ming

Name:___________________________________ Date:_________________ Period:___
1. Genghis Khan [“Universal Ruler”]
 _____________________________________
 from the steppe [dry, grass-covered plains of Central Asia]
2. Genghis Khan’s Tax Laws:
 If you do not pay homage, we will take your prosperity.
 If you do not have prosperity, __________________________________.
 If you do not have children, we will take your wife.
 If you do not have a wife, we will take your head.
Used __________________________________as a weapon --> some areas
never recovered from Mongol destruction!
3. Kublai Khan [r. 1260-1294]
a. Pax Mongolica [“Mongol Peace”]
i. Tolerated Chinese culture
but lived apart from them. 
ii. ____________________________________________________
iii. Believed foreigner were more
iv. Encouraged foreign trade & foreign merchants to live and
work in China.
1. Marco Polo
4. A Venetian merchant.
a. “Black Stones” [coal]
b. Gunpowder.
c. ____________________________________
1. Who was Empress Wu?
What was some notable accomplishments during her
2. The Mongols eventually conquered the Sung Dynasty. Even though the Chinese
outnumbered them 25 to 1, why did the Mongols successfully conquer them?
3. What advantages did the Chinese have, in battle, that should have helped them
4. Who was Yelu? How did he save China from total destruction by the Mongol
5. Give your opinion of Yelu’s wisdom. Do you agree or disagree with what he did?
6. How could the Mongols benefit from taxing the land that the Chinese farmed?
7. How do you think the foreign traders would feel about “doing business” with the
Mongol conquerors? Why?
8. What was life like under the rule of Kublai Khan?
9. How long did the Mongols rule China? Why do you think they were eventually
conquered by the Manchu group?
10. What was the Boxer Rebellion?
11. Why did a more democratic government become established in China in 1911?
12. CRITICAL THINKING – What are some characteristics of a good leader? How
might men and women lead a country in different ways?