Chapter 14 Reading Guide

Chapter 14 Reading Guide
1. How were the Mongols a typical nomadic society?
2. Describe the early life of Chinggis Khan. How did he become the leader of the Mongols?
3. What were the characteristics of the Mongol army?
4. How did the Mongols build the largest land-based empire in history? Describe their conquests.
5. What kind of rulers were they once they conquered a people?
6. How was the empire divided when he died?
7. How were the Mongols able to take over Russia? What was the Mongol effect on Russia?
8. Describe their experiences in Europe and the Islamic world.
9. Who was Kubilai Khan? What dynasty did he begin in China? How did he rule China?
10. Why did the Yuan dynasty fall?
11. Who was Timer the Lame? How did he affect the great Muslim empires of the time?
12. Why did nomads cease to be a threat to civilizations after the Mongols?