The Mongols Scourge on civilization? Or a civilized group…

The Mongols
Scourge on civilization? Or a
civilized group…
1. Bell Ringer: Reading Quiz #3
2. Lecture: The Mongols (20 minutes)
3. Quick Video, Genghis Khan (17 minutes)
4. Finish Tang Dynasty Documents
5. Research and Discussion: Were the Mongols
a bad thing? (30 minutes)
• 6. Objectives for the Day
Genghis Khan
• 1206 – Becomes the
leader of the Mongol
• Mastery of military
tactics allowed for
quick ambushes.
• They began to attack
Northern China, but
had to adapt to tactics
such as the “firearrow”.
The end of Song China
• 1279- The Mongols Defeat
Song China.
– Genghis had died in 1227,
but Khubilai Khan finished
his work.
• Prior to this they were
nomadic, now they had a place
to settle.
• Khanates develop after
Genghis Khan’s death.
– Chaghadai, Samarkand,
Persia/Baghdad, and
Kipchak (Golden Horde).
Khubilai takes Yuan China.
Mongol Rule in China
• The Mongols made China a
militaristic dynasty.
• However, the success in China
was met with failure in Japan
and Vietnam.
– Armies couldn’t be
resupplied, plus the
• Mongol rulers adopted the
Chinese bureaucracy.
– However, they remain a
separate class, holding the
high offices.
Mongols place in History
• Continue tolerant
policies of Southern
• Encouraged Longdistance trade,
reinvigorated silk
• Pax Mongolia
• They pillaged and
destroyed civilizations
that opposed them.
• Claim that the
Mongols inadvertently
spread Black Death.
• 33% of the population
in some areas die.
Discussion and Debate
• You must support
Genghis Khan and
the Mongol Empire as
a positive worldwide
– How will you defend
his actions?
– What are the
accomplishments of
this group that make
them so noteworthy in
• You must prosecute
Genghis Khan and
the Mongol Empire for
atrocities committed.
– What did they do?
– How did it effect the