A diary account about a young boy, Pip

A diary account about a young boy, Pip
Friday 20th December 1880
Dear diary
I woke up today and it was a cold day. I should have had breakfast but I decided
to have a run to my parent’s grave to lay some flowers. When I got there some one
grabbed my mouth from behind. I wanted to scream but my mouth got sealed off
from my scream. He told me to get him food and a file or he would kill me when I
was warm and asleep. I ran home and tried to sleep but all I could dream of was
that horrible convict.
Saturday 21st December 1880
Dear diary
When I woke up today I went to the kitchen to get some food then into the garage
to get a file. After a little while of collecting the stuff I snuck out of the house to
give the convict what he needed, which was the food and file. When I got home my
sister looked at me with a grumpy look to have a go at me. Suddenly, Joe my sister’s
husband took me to his garage to get away from my sister. He asked me loads of
questions I didn’t know where to start, so I just walked up to my bed to have a
little sleep before dinner was ready. When I woke up dinner was ready and Joe
asked me if I wanted to have a friendly stroll. After dinner we walked up the woods
to have a stroll and me and Joe saw the convict being arrested by the soldiers. I
heard him say that he stole the food and the file. When me and Joe got home my
sister was talking to a man who I haven’t met yet.