Latin Root - VICT, VINC

Latin Root - VICT, VINC
1. Vict, Vinc:
a. Conquer; show conclusively
2. convict: v
a. prove guilty; show conclusively to be guilty
3. convict: n
a. person serving a prison sentence
4. convince: v
a. persuade or show conclusively by argument or proof
5. evict: v
a. expel by legal process; oust
6. evince: v
a. show clearly; disclose
7. invincible: adj
a. incapable of being conquered
8. vanquish: v
a. overcome in battle; conquer
9. victor: n
a. winner; conqueror
Directions: Fill in the blanks with the word above that fits the best.
1. Stadium police are empowered to _____________ any spectator who creates a
2. After the match the _______________ shook hands with the loser.
3. Students who ______________ a talent for writing would be encouraged to
contribute to the school newspaper and literary magazine.
4. It is difficult to _____________ a biased person that he or she is wrong, no
matter how much evidence you may present.
5. Our ___________________ swimming team has been neither beaten nor tied
in the past two seasons.