Name________________________________ Unit 5 Graded

Unit 5 Graded Writing/Presentation Assignment:
DNA in Today’s World
NOTE: This “lab” is different than all the others in Semester ONE!!
In this assignment you will summarize your knowledge of molecular genetics based on
the lectures, labs, and activities completed during Unit 5. Your knowledge of DNA,
genes, protein synthesis, and biotechnology will be conveyed through an expository
essay in which you explain these topics through both writing and scientific diagrams.
As you complete this writing assignment, assume your audience is a high school
student who has just entered our class. You must explain the material in unit 5 to this
student clearly and effectively. They are counting on you to help them pass the unit
test! Your figures must be hand drawn. You may use your class notes (NO
textbooks) as a resource as you create your diagrams and develop your writing.
How to prepare:
 Take notes in class
 Complete online tutorial worksheet at learn.genetics and DNAi
 Text reading, notes, and questions
 Check with teacher in advance to ensure you’re ready!
Part One: In-Class,Timed Essay on Gene Basics (50 points!)
You will have 40 minutes in class to write on the following topics:
Timed essay (40 points):
_____DNA structure-describe the nucleotides, helical shape, function
_____RNA structure –describe the nucleotides, shape, function (3 types of RNA)
_____Protein Synthesis (DNA --> RNA --> protein)-transcription, translation, mRNA,
ribosomes, amino acids, where in the cell the 2 steps occur.
_____Mutations-Describe two different types and give an example disease caused by
Required Figures (10 points) :
____DNA structure (3)
____RNA structure (3)
____Protein synthesis (location of transcription and translation in the cell) (4)
Timed essay is on 2/28, Thursday (B-day) or 3/1, Friday (A-day)
Part Two: Short Research Presentation on Genetics in the News
(50 points)
Research: oral presentation with ONE partner, or SOLO; no trios+
(3-4 minute time limit)
Presentations will take place: B day: 2/28 and 3/4 or A day: 3/1 and 3/5
Topics selected from:
Forensic DNA ‘Fingerprinting’
Stem Cells in Medical Treatment
Reproductive Cloning of Whole Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms in Agriculture
Personal Genetic Testing and Pharmacogenomics
DNA Evidence for Human Evolution
For your short presentation, include:
 Basic summary: what are scientists doing and how are they doing it?
 Who and when? When did this science begin? Who are the experts that
invented the techniques?
 Impact: who benefits and how? Drawbacks? Potential problems?
 Visuals: are you just talking? Include diagrams, video, images, etc.
 Professionalism: on time, organized, visually engaging, verbally coherent, timing
correct and adequate, etc…….
Scoring Rubric for “Genetics in the News” Presentations
Content, the “what”–
simple technique clearly described
Content, the “who and when”names of experts who developed
the technology and when
Content, the “so what?”impact on society:
how people benefit from
technology; concerns about safety
Presentation, the Visual Aids
visual aids easy for audience to see,
understand, and help audience
engage with topic.
Professionalism – on time, clear
voice, appropriate apparel, obvious
this is not first time through, 3-4
minutes in length
Total Presentation
Total Genetics Assignment:
Includes front page!