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Unit 5: Genetics, Heredity, and Molecular Genetics

Structure and Function of DNA

Making a Basic Argument

Identifying Evidence in a Text: See Page ___

You may use the following


for this activity:

_______________ is the most important nucleic acid.

[Fill in the blank with DNA, mRNA, or tRNA.]

[3 minutes] DO NOW

: Why do you think DNA is important?

[2 minutes] Discussion of do now.

[25 minutes] Lesson:

Students will learn about the structure and function of DNA.

[20 minutes] Identifying Evidence in a Text.

The text that students are using is found on pages 125- 131 of the text mentioned below. Allow students to share what they have.

[5 minutes] Closing/ Summary and discussion of homework.

In the previous lesson, students took a quiz on genetics and heredity.

It would take approximately 20 minutes.

This activity would take place during the period. After this, the students will learn about biotechnology.

This is a standard Identifying Evidence in a Text Activity.

This activity could be followed by a Using Evidence Soapbox to include an oral component.

Renna, M.F. and Raab, C.M. eds. (2010)

MCAS Biology

; New

York: Amsco School Publications, Inc.

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Topic: Identifying Evidence in a Text

1) Underline the main arguments being made in the text.

2) Identify the main claim and 3 warrants in the space below.

a) Main Claim: b) 3 pieces of evidence from the text that serve as warrants:

Text Based

Warrant 1

Text Based

Warrant 2

Text Based

Warrant 3

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