Quiz My Oedipus Complex - Southwestern HS 2015 English 12B

Quiz My Oedipus Complex
l. From where is Frank O’Connor?
2. Who coined the term “Oedipus Complex”?
3. What does it mean?
4. What is the most dominant literary element used in the story?
5. How is Larry’s world altered in the story?
6. Why does Larry turn spiteful towards his mother?
7. What does Larry say he is going to do when he grows up?
8. What misconception does Larry have about the source of babies?
9. What is Araby?
10. From where does James Joyce come?
11. Why does the boy want to go so badly?
12. What color is associated with Mangan’s sister?
13. Why is the boy so angry with himself at the end of the story?
“The Doll’s House”
14. Which did Katherine Mansfield prefer, England or New Zealand?
15. Why is the doll’s house such a big deal to the girls?
16. Why are the girls forbidden to speak to Our Else and Lil?
17. What makes the girls excited when they are the playground—what is it they say?
18. Both Else and Kezia have a favorite part of the house? What?
19. Of what did K Mansfield die?
20. What does the speaker remember in the poem “The Lake Isle of Innisfree”?
Bonus: What brings Larry and his father together at the end of the story?