Essay Questions for Unit 8-MMW History

Essay Questions for Unit I-Moving West
These essay questions are possible questions for the unit exam. Of these three essays, two
will be randomly selected to be placed on the Exam. Of the two on the exam you will be
responsible for writing on one of them. Any questions please ask. This sheet is for your
benefit and does not need to be turned in with homework. Please take the time to write in
an outline to help you prepare a solid essay question.
1. How did America’s pursuit of Manifest Destiny lead to conflict with other
peoples and nations? Provide specific examples.
2. Through Agricultural Expansion and the Gold Rush how did the pursuit of
westward expansion create the image of what is America?
3. Various heroes have existed in American History from Revolutionary times
straight through today. Explain how frontier heroes inspired Americans,
how they became heroes, and what that said about America. Please use
specific examples.