Supplement 81 (DAI Dec. 2008-Feb. 2009)

compiled by
Joseph J. Lauer (Michigan State University)
The U.S. and Canadian theses listed were below reported in Dissertation Abstracts International (DAI), vol.
69, no. 6-8 (Dec. 2008-Feb. 2009) & some earlier titles. Each citation ends with the order number, if any.
American and Canadian theses are usually available from Proquest. See UMI Dissertation Publishing at for abstracts and other details.
Kijazi, Martin Herbert. Stakeholder-centered evaluations of needs, priorities and well-being of forest
beneficiaries, Kilimanjaro, Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2007. NR39498.
Mahamane, Sabiou. Evaluation of cowpea (Vigna unguicula L. Walp) genotypes for adaptation to low soil
phosphorus conditions and to rock phosphate application [Niger]. Ph.D., Texas A&M U., 2008. 3321740.
Menezes, Ana Maria. The governance of natural resources in Mozambique: Artisanal fishery. Ph.D., State
U. of New York Col. of Environmental Science and Forestry, 2008. 3310845.
Boneh, Galia. Moving from entertainment towards art: A new model for creating performance on HIV/AIDS
[Ghana]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2008. 3316988.
Campisano, Christopher. Tephrostratigraphy and hominin paleoenvironments of the Hadar Formation, Afar
Depression, Ethiopia. Ph.D., Rutgers U., 2007. 3319419.
Clipper, Lutitia A. Trials, transition, and trade offs: A descriptive study of the educational implications of the
adjustment experience of Sudanese refugees in southwestern Pennsylvania. Ph.D., U. of Pittsburg, 2008.
Cuddahee, Rebecca E. East African hominin and suid environments in the Turkana Basin: An analysis of
fossil Suidae (Mammalia, Artiodactyla) mandibular ecomorphology. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Buffalo,
2008. 3320525.
Ferraro, Joseph Vincent. Broken bones and shattered stones: On the foraging ecology of Oldowan
hominins [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2007. 3317002.
Frank, Emily. Negotiating futures in the time of AIDS: Contests over inheritance in Southern Province,
Zambia. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2006. 3314672.
Melly, Caroline Marie. Anticipating returns: Migration, investment, and urban futures in Dakar, Senegal.
Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2008. 3321583.
Msimanga-Ramatebele, Sithandazile Hope. Lived experiences of widows in Botswana: An ethnographic
examination of cultural rituals of death, loss, grief, and bereavement: Implications for counseling. Ph.D.,
Duquesne U., 2008. 3323806.
Oka, Rahul Chandrashekhar. Resilience and adaptation of trade networks in East African and South Asian
port polities, 1500-1800 C.E [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Chicago, 2008. 3316756.
Phillips, Stephen Richard. Cranial anomaly, pathology, or normal variant? Thin parietal bones in ancient
Egyptian human remains. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2007. AAT 3292064
Potts, Kevin Barry. Habitat heterogeneity on multiple spatial scales in Kibale National Park, Uganda:
Implications for chimpanzee population ecology and grouping patterns. Ph.D., Yale U., 2008. 3317203.
Pyne, Lydia Virginia. The life history of Klasies River Mouth: A case study of archaeology and the history
and philosophy of science [South Africa]. Ph.D., Arizona State U., 2008. 3327252.
Tecot, Stacey Robyn. Seasonality and predictability: The hormonal and behavioral responses of the redbellied lemur, Eulemur rubriventer, in southeastern Madagascar. Ph.D., U. of Texas at Austin, 2007.
Thompson, Jessica Corrine. Zooarchaeological tests for modern human behavior at Blombos Cave and
Pinnacle Point Cave 13B, southwestern Cape, South Africa. Ph.D., Arizona State U., 2008. 3319080.
Way, Justine Victoria. From privilege to poverty: The life-cycle of pyramid settlements during the Old
Kingdom [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2008. 3322656.
Biological Sciences
Baker, Virginia Stephens. Cytokine-associated neutrophil extracellular traps and antinuclear antibodies in
Plasmodium faliparum infected children under t he age of six [Nigeria]. Ph.D., Florida State U., 2007.
Gobush, Kathleen Schuyler. Long-term consequences of poaching on African elephant social structure,
genetic relatedness, physiology and reproduction [Tanzania]. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2008. 3318185.
Kissui, Bernard Mombo. Demography, population dynamics, and the human-lion conflicts: Lions in the
Ngorongoro Crater and the Maasai steppe, Tanzania. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2008. 3318258.
Mortensen, Holly M. Genetic variation at the N-acetyltransferase (NAT) genes in global human populations.
Ph.D., U. of Maryland, College Park, 2008. 3324876.
Sea, William Brian. Moving beyond the aggregated models: Woody plant size influences on savanna
function and dynamics [Southern Africa]. Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2008. 3321311.
Wanger, Greg. The deep biosphere of the Witwatersrand Basin, Republic of South Africa. Ph.D., U. of
Western Ontario (Can.), 2008. NR39337.
White, Angela Marie. Evolutionary factors influencing cooperation in the communally breeding warthog
[South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Nevada, Reno, 2008. 3320718.
Oloruntoba, Bunmi John. Constructing a postcolonial-surrealist framework for West African cinema: The
cinemas of Jean Rouch and Djibril Diop Mambety [Mali, Niger & Senegal]. Ph.D., Regent U., 2008.
Earth Sciences
Ali, Kamal A. Age and significance of Neoproterozoic diamictite and metavolcanic rocks in Egypt and Saudi
Arabia. Ph.D., U. of Texas at Dallas, 2008. 3323603.
Mollel, Godwin Fanuel. Petrochemistry and geochronology of Ngorongoro Volcanic Highland Complex
(NVHC) and its relationship to Laetoli and Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania. Ph.D., Rutgers, 2007. 3319674.
Poulson, Rebecca L. The influence of early diagenesis on trace element and molybdenum isotope
geochemistry [Tanzania]. Ph.D., Oregon State U., 2008. 3321096.
Abimbola, Taiwo. Malaria, labor supply, and schooling in Sub-Sahara Africa [Tanzania]. Ph.D., University of
South Florida, 2007. 3313100.
Abou-Zaid, Ahmed S.. The transmission of U.S. financial and monetary shocks to emerging MENA stock
markets [Egypt]. Ph.D., Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale, 2008. 3311025.
Baez, Javier Eduardo. Three essays on children’s well-being in developing countries [Tanzania]. Ph.D.,
Syracuse U., 2008. 3326429.
Cann-Tamakloe, Ralph. An empirical analysis of macroeconomic and political determinants of private
investment in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Old Dominion U., 2008. 3322548.
Dumah, Timi-Freeman. Nigerian national leadership style influence on economic, political and social
development: A case study of direct foreign investment. Ph.D., Capella U., 2008. 3310905.
El-Sharabassy, Azza. Oil and remittances in the Middle East [Egypt]. Ph.D., Old Dominion U., 2008.
Gogo, Joshua. A theory of internal conflict: Causes of political instability in natural resource rich developing
economies [Nigeria & Sudan]. Ph.D., Carleton U. (Can.), 2008. NR40522.
Nota, Fungisai. Essays on fiscal federalism and regional interdependencies [Southern Africa]. Ph.D., U. of
Nevada, Reno, 2008. 3319818.
Nundlall, Prasandjeet. The contribution of financial development in Sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D., Brandies
U., 2007. 3316477.
O’Gorman, Melanie Seama. Accounting for disparity: Essays on agricultural development and racial
earnings inequality. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2007.
Schneider, Arthur. Trade, growth, and institutional change: British imperialism revisited [Egypt and South
Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Connecticut, 2008. 3325626.
Taiwo, Olumide Olusola. Family networks and economic behavior in low income areas [Malawi]. Ph.D.,
Brown U., 2008. 3318362.
Yamada, Hiroyuki. Four essays on labor and development economics [South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Chicago,
2008. 3322659.
Adeniji-Neill, Dolapo. Parental expectations in education: A qualitative study of the expectations of Nigerian
voluntary immigrants to the United States for their children’s school achievement. Ph.D., U. of Hawai’i at
Manoa, 2008. 3326431.
Barnes, Maribea Woodington. Ethnographic research in Morocco: Analyzing contemporary artistic practices
and visual culture. Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2008. 3325757.
Basford, Letitia Elizabeth. From mainstream to East African charter: East African Muslim students’
experiences in U.S. schools. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2008. 3316139.
Braun, Mark. Musical values and modes of music education in Mafi-Ewe communities: Case studies from
Sasekpe, Kutime, Srekpe, and Gidikpe [Ghana]. Ph.D., Brown U., 2008. 3318297.
Butale, Chandapiwa. The four shifts: Family, work, online learning and social participation for female inservice teachers at the University of Botswana. Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2008. 3325829.
Chepete, Poloko. Modeling of the factors affecting mathematical achievement of Form 1 students in
Botswana based on the 2003 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study. Ph.D., Indiana U.,
2008. 3319920.
Clark, Catherine Amandla. Ubuntu: Cradle for development of authentic South African selfhood. Ed.D.,
Fielding Graduate U., 2008. 3321026.
Dahn, Kadiker Rex. Learning from the lives of exiled Liberian women: An oral history from 1979 to 2006.
Ph.D., U. of Oklahoma, 2008. 3315400.
Dev, Pritha. Essays on identity and network formation [Ghana]. Ph.D., New York U., 2008. 3320786.
Diop, Seynabou. The effects of a Senegalese culturally-sensitive curriculum on Senegalese adult
immigrants’ computer literacy learning and curricular engagement. Ed.D., Columbia U., 2008. 3327051.
Driscoll, Daniel J. The emergence of Education For All as a global education initiative in sub-Saharan
Africa: Concept to policy to practice. Ph.D., U. of Virginia, 2008. 3322508.
Dugassa, Begna Fufa. Indigenous Knowledge, colonialism and epistemological violence: The experience of
the Oromo people under Abyssinian colonial rule. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008. NR39940.
Elliott, John M. Leadership development and relational patterns: The Early Church and the church in
Zambia today. D.Min., Assemblies of God Theo. Sem., 2007. 3311266.
Hyles, Danielle Serena. Social difference, leadership and career mobility aspirations for elementary school
practitioners in Ghana and in Canada. Ed.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008. NR39921.
Johnson, Kapuananimekalamaku Virginia Lee. Teaching transnationally: Examining the experiences of
American teachers in foreign K--12 schools [Egypt]. Ph.D., Capella U., 2008. 3320539.
Mathews, Sarah A. An ethnographic examination of perspective consciousness and intercultural
competence among social studies student-teachers in Kenya, East Africa. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2008.
Max, Rosemary Ann. The decalage and bricolage of higher education policy making in the world system: A
vertical case study of the 1992 CNES reform in Senegal and its outcome. Ed.D., Columbia U., 2008.
Mendenhall, Mary Anne. Education and the relief-development transition in post-conflict countries: The
(un)sustainability of educational support provided by international organizations [Angola]. Ed.D., Columbia
U., 2008. 3327077.
Mojire, Takele Tassew. Foreign aid, rent-seeking and economic growth in sub-Saharan Africa. Ph.D.,
Mississippi State U., 2008. 3315195.
Mukuria, Valentine. Civic engagement in Kenya: Developing student leadership through service learning.
Ph.D., Ohio State U., 2008. 3326264.
Muro, Tonya Sheleen. AIDS, “edutainment” and youth sexual agency: A case study of the Femina-Health
Information Project in Tanzanian secondary schools. Ed.D., Columbia U., 2008. 3327070.
Musandipa, Rosemary. Educational leadership: A case study of perceptions of secondary school principals,
teachers, and students of the leadership role in HIV/AIDS education programs in Zimbabwe. Ph.D.,
Pennsylvania State U., 2006. 3318908.
Mwaura, John N. Black African international adult students’ experiences in higher education: A qualitative
study. D.Ed., Pennsylvania State U., 2008. 3325953.
Nalkur, Priya Gersappa. The possibility to achieve: A mixed methods comparison of street children, former
street children, and school children in Tanzania. Ed.D, Harvard U., 2008. 3319197.
Ndibo, Victoria Mueni. Contribution of adult education toward poverty alleviation: The perspectives of
Kenyan women. Ed.D., Columbia U., 2008. 3327066.
Okwalo, Protas Opondo. Conversation: An approach to faith formation for adults in a Kenyan context.
Ph.D., Boston Coll., 2008. 3318146.
Omao, Thomas O. How online distance education technology can improve higher education in Kenya.
Ph.D., Capella U., 2008. 3315213.
Owu-Ewie, Charles. Enhancing the thinking skills of pre-service teachers: A case study of Komenda
Teacher Training College [Ghana]. Ph.D., Ohio U., 2008. 332114.
Roy, Laura A. Language and literacy practices: Somali Bantu refugee students and families in a
predominantly Latino school and community. Ph.D., U. of Texas at San Antonio, 2008. 3315945.
Shriberg, Janet. Fractured help: Social justice and teacher well-being in postwar Liberia. Ed.D., Columbia
U., 2008. 3327088.
Trueger, Barbara. Parental involvement in two rural South African primary schools. Ed.D., Rutgers, 2008.
Williams, Portia Georgette. Foreign assistance and the politics of need in Kenya’s education sector. Ed.D.,
Columbia U., 2008. 3327029.
Younge, Paschal Yao. Enhancing global understanding through traditional African music and dance: A
multicultural African music curriculum for American middle schools. Ed.D., West Virginia U., 1998. 3318813.
Environmental Sciences
Loarie, Scott Robbins. Conserving moving species under changing landscapes and climates [Southern
Africa]. Ph.D., Duke U., 2008. 3315555.
Nkwae, Boipuso. Conceptual framework for modelling and analysing periurban land problems in southern
Africa [Botswana, Malawi & South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of New Brunswick (Can.), 2006. NR41244.
Fine Arts
Ajayi, Murphy. African arts in the diaspora: An examination of common cultural and plastic essence in the
visual arts. Ph.D., Union Inst & U., 2005. 3168553.
El Sandouby, Aliaa Ezzeldin Ismail. The Ahl al-bayt in Cairo and Damascus: The dynamics of making
shrines for the family of the Prophet. Ph.D., U. of California, Los Angeles, 2008. 3322096.
Aboagye, DaCosta (Akwasi). Living on the edge: Analysis of flooding risk and human vulnerability in the
Accra Metropolitan Area, Ghana. Ph.D., U. of Oklahoma, 2008. 3315899.
Atia, Mona Ali. Building a house in heaven: Islamic charity in neoliberal Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Washington,
2008. 3318154.
Becker, Richard H. Remote sensing studies for the assessment of geohazards: Toxic algal blooms in the
lower Great Lakes, and the land subsidence in the Nile Delta. Ph.D., Western Michigan U., 2008. 3323515.
Culcasi, Karen. Cartographic constructions of the Middle East [Egypt]. Ph.D., Syracuse U., 2008. 3323046.
Hoole, Arthur. Community-based conservation and protected areas in Namibia: Social-ecological linkages
for biodiversity. Ph.D., U. of Manitoba (Can.), 2008. NR41268.
Li, Li. Spatial distribution of mosquitoes: The context of malaria outbreaks in western Kenya highlands.
Ph.D., State U. of New York at Buffalo, 2008. 3320505.
Yehoah, Muriel A. Genger and livelihoods: Mapping the economic strategies of porters in Accra, Ghana.
Ph.D., West Virginia U., 2008. 3326928.
Health Sciences
Cantrell, Ronald Alexander. Diagnosing antiretroviral treatment failure in resource-limited settings [Zambia].
Ph.D., U. of Alabama at Birmingham, 2008. 3316459.
Chinn, Leslie W. Pharmacodynamic effects of xenobiotic ABC transporters in peripheral tissues [Uganda].
Ph.D., U. of California, San Francisco, 2008. 3318516.
Chipeta, Clara H. Perceptions and intentions regarding HIV testing and partner disclosure among pregnant
women in Malawi. Ph.D., U. of Illinois at Chicago, 2008. 3325705.
Essiet-Gibson, Idongesit I. Religious affiliation and its association with HIV/AIDS knowledge and risk
behaviour of Nigerian women. Ph.D., Walden U., 2008. 3320284.
Ezeonwu, Mabel Chiemeka. Maternal birth outcomes, nursing education, and workforce policy and planning
in Anambra State, Nigeria. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2008. 0820199.
Lehman, Dara A. HIV-1 dynamics in breast milk and antiviral resistance following prophylaxis to prevent
mother-to-child transmission [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2008. 1820494.
Levandowski, Brooke Amanda. Association of STI/HIV infection with reported behavior change and
concurrency among rural youth in South Africa and Malawi. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008.
McLean, Huong Q Nguyen. Epidemiology of Kaposi sarcoma and response to treatment with highly active
antiretroviral therapy and chemotherapy [Uganda]. Ph.D., U. of Washington, 2008. 0820497.
Mweemba, Prudencia. Quality of life among rural and urban Zambian men and women with HIV/AIDS.
Ph.D., Kent State U., 2008. 3321339.
Ntaganira, Joseph. Sexual risk behaviors and protection for youth heads of household: Insights from a
community mentoring program in the Rwanda post genocide and HIV/AIDS era. Ph.D., Tulane U., 2008.
Ortega, Omayra Y. Evaluation of rotavirus models with coinfection and vaccination [Egypt]. Ph.D., U. of
Iowa, 2008. 3315991.
Smee, Nancy L. Factors associated with subsequent pregnancy in HIV-infected women and HIV-negative
women: Experience from urban Zimbabwe. Ph.D., U. of California, San Francisco, 2008. 3311337.
Uzoebo, Veronica Nkechiyere. Concurrent partnerships, partner selection, HIV/AIDS risk perceptions and
protective behaviors among a mixed sample of Nigerian women. Ed.D., Columbia U., 2008. 3327097.
Walker, Ashley. Using Photovoice and participatory action research to identify factors which impede and
promote health among orphans in Sierra Leone. Ph.D., Texas Woman’s U., 2008. 3323672.
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Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008. 3315643.
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Dr.P.H., Loma Linda U., 2008. 3320717.
Abdelwahid, Mustafa A.. The rise of the Islamic Movement in Sudan, 1945-1989. Ph.D., Auburn U., 2008.
Abul-Magd, Zeinab A. Empire and its discontents: Modernity and subaltern revolt in upper Egypt, 17001920. Ph.D., Georgetown U., 2008. 3315453.
Bryen, Ari Z. Violence, law, and society in Roman and late antique Egypt. Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 2008.
Byrnes, Melissa K. French like us? Municipal policies and North African migrants in the Parisian banlieues,
1945-1975. Ph.D., Georgetown U., 2008. 3320706.
Cleveland, Todd Charles. Rock solid: African laborers on the diamond mines of the Companhia de
Diamantes de Angola (Diamang), 1917-1975. Ph.D., U. of Minnesota, 2008. 3318009.
Kassim, Mohamed. Colonial resistance and the local transmission of Islamic knowledge in the Benadir
Coast in the late 19th and early 20th centuries [Somalia]. Ph.D., York U. (Can.), 2006. NR39017.
Kholoussy, Hanan. The making and marrying of modern Egyptians: Gender, law, and nationalism, 18981936. Ph.D., New York U., 2008. 3320799.
Lauziere, Henri. The evolution of the Salafiyya in the twentieth century through the life and thought of Taqi
al-Din al-Hilali [Morocco]. Ph.D., Georgetown, 2008. 3315457.
McDonald, Kevin P. Pirates, merchants, settlers, and slaves: Making an Indo-Atlantic trade world, 16401730 [Madagascar]. Ph.D., U. of California, Santa Cruz, 2008. 3317396.
Patterson, Donna A. Expanding professional horizons: Female pharmacists in twentieth century Dakar,
Senegal. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2008. 3319926.
Plageman, Nathan A. Everybody likes Saturday night: A social history of popular music and masculinities in
urban Gold Coast/Ghana, c. 1900-1970. Ph.D., Indiana U., 2008. 3319904.
Ast, Rodney L. Late Antique and Byzantine papyri in the collection of the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet
Jena. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2008. NR39986.
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l’Algerie. Ph.D., U. of Southern California, 2008. 3311123.
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Mack, Katherine Elizabeth. A generative failure: The public hearings of South Africa’s Truth and
Reconciliation Commission. Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2008. 3318700.
O’Dell, Emily Jane. Excavating the emotional landscape of ancient Egyptian literature. Ph.D., Brown U.,
2008. 3318347.
Purvis, Tristan Michael. A linguistic and discursive analysis of register variation in Dagbani [Ghana]. Ph.D.,
Indiana, 2008. 3322533.
Roberson, Joshua Aaron. The Book of the Earth: A study of ancient Egyptian symbol-systems and the
evolution of New Kingdom cosmographic models. Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania, 2007. 3292068.
Soliman, Abdelmeneim. The changing role of Arabic in religious discourse: A sociolinguistic study of
Egyptian Arabic. Ph.D., Indiana U. of Pennsylvania, 2008. 3315403.
Starwalt, Coleen Grace Anderson. The acoustic correlates of ATR harmony in seven- and nine-vowel
African languages: A phonetic inquiry into phonological structure. Ph.D., U. of Texas at Arlington, 2008.
Egbuiwe, Rose N. Where the dead are buried: Property rights and poverty alleviation in Africa [Nigeria].
Ph.D., Northeastern U., 2008. 3315387.
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of, and nowhere in Africa [Kenya]. Ph.D., U. of California, Irvine, 2008. 3321571.
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adventure novels of sub-Saharan Africa, 1870-1905. Ph.D., U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 2008.
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Moroccan literature, film and dance. Ph.D., U. of California, 2008. 3328249.
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2008. 3315553.
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interior, c. 1820-1900 [Tanzania & Burundi]. Ph.D., Yale U., 2008. 3317172.
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world [Algeria]. Ph.D., U. of Arizona, 2008. 3315625.
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Afrikaans in Southern Africa [Namibia & South Africa]. Ph.D., U. of Toronto (Can.), 2006. NR39957.
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U. of New York at Buffalo, 2008. 3320522.
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Mass Communications
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of California, San Diego, 2008. 3310873.
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transform East African mediascapes. Ph.D., Carleton U. (Can.), 2008. NR40530.
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parameters of global sexual identities. Ph.D., State U. of New York at Binghamton, 2008. 3320981.
Physical Sciences
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Ph.D., Colorado State U., 2008. 3321289.
Smith, Travis Allen. Observational analyses and idealized numerical simulations of African wave dynamics
[West Africa]. Ph.D., Florida State U., 2008. 3321529.
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application to the Nile River [East Africa]. Ph.D., Georgia Inst. of Tech., 2006. 3316829.
Political Science
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Ghanaian public sector. Ph.D., Rutgers U., 2008. 3326979.
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U., 2008. 3326488.
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‘informal’ trade: Case studies of Nairobi and Durban. Ph.D., York U. (Can.), 2008. NR39032.
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Department. Ph.D., U. of Missouri, Saint Louis, 2008. 3323327.
Mothusi, Bashi. Public sector reforms and managing change in Botswana: The case of Performance
Management System (PMS). Ph.D., Cleveland State U., 2008. 3323211.
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Republic of Zambia. Ph.D., Southern Illinois U. at Carbondale, 2008. 3320301.
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Southern Africa. Ph.D., Pennsylvania State U., 2008. 3325990.
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