Essay assignment for The Great Gatsby

Essay Assignment for The Great Gatsby
English 10 Honors
Choose ONE of the prompts below and write a literary analysis essay in response.
The maximum number of pages for this essay in three.
1. “The Great Gatsby is an illustration of the death of idealism in American
society.” Prove or disprove this statement through a discussion of the
character of Nick Carraway and at least one symbol in the novel.
2. Several characters in The Great Gatsby spend their lives pursuing wealth and
high social status; others are clearly interested in preserving the great wealth
and high social status they have inherited from past generations. What does
this novel tell us about how the desire for wealth and status impacts people?
Discuss three characters.
3. Love is often considered an ideal – a form of perfection and beauty desired
by all. Discuss the choices Daisy Buchanan, Jordan Baker, and Myrtle Wilson
make regarding love and marriage. What theme emerges from these
characters’ choices and attitudes about love in the novel?
Tuesday, March 15th will be a writing day in the library.
Rough Drafts are due Wednesday, March 16th. We will do a peer edit on this day.
Final Drafts are due Friday, March 18th.