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Choice #6:
Article Reaction Journals – 30 Points
Current events are filled with examples of social inequalities. For this assignment, you
will find examples of prejudice and discrimination in three current event articles.
In this project, you will read and write a reaction to the articles.
Choose three articles to read.
Your reaction papers must be a minimum of 1 page in length.
Your reaction paper should have the article title at the top of the page.
Your reaction papers must be typed in 12” Times New Roman Font, doublespaced, with margins no bigger than 1.25 inches.
5. Use the following as guidelines for your writings:
a. Take time to write down anything in relation to the text. Your reaction should
make note of any phrases from the article that “stuck out” in your mind.
b. Make connections with your own experience. What does the reading make you
think of? Does it remind you of anything or anyone?
c. Make connections with other texts or concepts or events. Do you see any
similarities between this text (concepts, events) and other texts (concepts,
events)? Does it bring to mind other related issues?
d. Write down striking words, images, phrases, or details. Speculate about them.
e. Describe the author's point of view. How does the author's attitude shape the way
the writer presents the material?
Consult the rubric below.
Reaction Paper Rubric
1. For each paper:
a. Paper is a minimum of 1 page in length – 2 points
b. Title of article appears at top of reaction paper – 1 point
c. Font and margin guidelines are respected – 1 point
d. Reaction illustrates an understanding of the article- 2 points
e. Reaction includes the writer’s opinion/feelings toward the article’s
contents – 4 points