Small-group work to review Nature texts

AP English Language
and Composition
Tuesday, December 16th, 2014
Oates “Against Nature” annotations
Partner-score & record on rubric
Short conversation: main idea, construction
Turn in rubrics
Partner Work
With a partner, complete the following tasks. Use
one piece of notebook paper with both your names
on it.
• Write down the author, title, and date of each of
the four “nature” texts (see example). For each
text, write the main idea and two significant
quotes with proper in-text citations.
• Write a paragraph in which you compare and
contrast the four texts studied in this part of the
unit. Be thorough in your analysis.
• When you finish – work time for rhetorical précis.
• Unit 4 Rubric due Weds. 12/17
• Nature précis (3 pieces) due Thurs. 12/18
• Unit 3 Synthesis essay re-writes: must include
original; revision t-chart; final
• Turn in by Friday, Jan. 9th BUT I strongly recommend
you submit before winter break!
Results of Class Poll
66 total responses:
• 4 – blank
• 4 – Option A
• 3 – Either
• 55 – Option B
Answers to AP Exam Q’s:
• 3 types of essays:
• Synthesis
• Rhetorical Analysis
• Open-Ended
• # of MC & Time:
• 54-60 questions
• 60 minutes