Driver`s Ed - Ell

Driver’s Ed. Attendance, Grading Procedure and Discipline
Attendance - Student must attend every class. Student can only miss with the permission of the
Grading Procedure - Classroom
No student will be eligible for credit unless that student successfully completes each instructional
competency (classroom and behind the wheel). Student must score 80% or higher on classroom
tests (90% or higher on the Kansas Driving Handbook). Each student enrolled will receive a Pass
or Fail grade using the proficiency standards set forth in the curriculum criteria.
( If a student fails a classroom test (with a score below 80%) a second one will be given.
If a student fails the second test the student will not be allowed to continue in the program.)
Grading Procedure – Behind-the-Wheel
Behind-the-wheel driving will be graded on a pass/fail basis. Each student will pass driving
competencies when maneuvers can be performed correctly and consistently without a prompt from
the instructor. Each student will sign up for 6 hours of driving time. More time is allowed for
students who need extra time to develop skills.
If a student cannot pass driving competencies after a reasonable length of time (usually 8-10
hours) the student may receive a fail grade at the discretion of the instructor.
If the instructor determines that a student’s behavior is inappropriate, that student may be removed
from the classroom. Due to the nature of this course inappropriate or disruptive behavior will not
be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the course.
Student should be prepared for class. The book, pencils and paper should be brought to class
everyday. If a student is not prepared it may result in expulsion from the class.
Student will be responsible for providing transportation to and from class. Driving times will be
signed up for at the end of the week. Check your summer schedules and be ready to sign up for times
that do not conflict with your activities. Student will be picked up and dropped off at his/her house
when we drive.
Be on time for class!