Course Title: Biology - Bering Strait School District

Bering Strait School District
Course Title: Biology
Section: 3051
Course Description:
Biology courses are designed to provide information regarding the fundamental concepts of life and life
processes. These courses include (but are not restricted to) such topics as cell structure and function, general
plant and animal physiology, genetics, and taxonomy.
Fall Semester:
Spring Semester:
Topic 1: Characteristic of Life
Topic 2: Chemistry of Life
Topic 3: Structure & Function of Cells
Topic 4: Molecular Basis of Heredity
Topic 5: Biological Evolution
Topic 6: Plant Structure, Function, & Taxonomy
Topic 7: Animal Structure, Function, &
Topic 8: Human Body Structure, & Function
Topic 9: Population & Ecosystems
Topic 10: Energy Flow in Ecosystems
Students will be able to:
A. Demonstrate an understanding of the processes of science.
B. Demonstrate an understanding of the attitudes and approaches to scientific inquiry.
C. Demonstrate an understanding of how science explains changes in life forms over time, including
genetics, heredity, the process of natural selection, and biological evolution.
D. Demonstrate an understanding of the structure, function, behavior, development, life cycles, and
diversity of living organisms.
E. Demonstrate an understanding that all organisms are linked to each other and their physical
environments through the transfer and transformation of matter and energy.
Grading Criteria:
The grading policy for this course is based on a point system or percentage system. For each assignment, students
will be able to earn a certain number of points or percent. Each site/instructor will devise a system to compute course
grades. The percentages are distributed as follows:
BSSD Grading Scale:
A+ (97 – 100%)
A (93 – 96%)
A- (90 – 92%)
B+ (87 – 89%)
B (83 – 86%)
B - (80 – 82%)
C+ (77 – 79%)
C (73 – 76%)
C- (70 – 72%)
D (60 – 69%)
F (59% or below)
Text: Prentice Hall Life Science