Independent Reading Guidelines

Independent Reading Guidelines
Ms. Sotolongo 2010-2011
Students must check an age/grade level appropriate book with Ms. Sotolongo
two weeks prior to the end of the six week grading period.
o This is done on your own time.
o This is a requirement in order to submit a book report.
No Harry Potter series, No Twilight series, No Child called “It” and No Lovely
o Yes, yes, Team Jacob, I know…these are great books to read during the
summer or on the weekends, but they are not books you should be
reading at the 12th grade level.
Your book report must correspond to the book you check with me in order to
get credit. If you write your report on a different book other than the one you
check with me, you will get a 0/100.
You must use the book report form found on my website.
Book reports must be 750 words with out the template, 1000 words with the
template words included. Each 100 words that you do not complete for the
book report reduces your grade by 10% on top of any other grade reduction.
The book listed on your reading log for class must be the same as the book
that you submit a book report for.
Your COMPLETED (all entries filled in) seminar reading log/class reading log
is checked at the end of the six week grading period. Without a teacher/parent
signature on both forms you will lose points.
Six Week Word
Requirement for Seniors
310,000 = 100%= A
230,000 = 88%= B
150,000 = 78% = C
70,000 = 68% = D
35,000 = 50% = F
<35,000 = 0% = F
**************No Book Report/No reading logs=HOMEWORK CARD