Descriptive Essay (Place) - european standard school (ess)

Class: V, Subject: English Language (Writing)
Teacher: Mr. Md. Nasiruddin
Information Sheet
Date: ____________
Descriptive Essay (Place)
A good essay describing a place/building should consist of the following:
a. An introduction giving brief information about the name and location of the place/building and starting the
reason for choosing to write about it.
b. A main body giving both general and specific details about the place/building.
1. When you describe a place, you should give the overall impression by referring to landscape, buildings,
landmarks, etc and particular details (sights to see, places to go, things to do).
2. When you describe a building, you should write about its surroundings (e.g. situated in Oxford Street ……)
then give a detailed description of its exterior and interior
3. A conclusion in which you express your feelings or opinion concerning the subject or give a
Write the following essays at home:
Describe a busy shopping mall
Describe a beautiful Five Star Hotel
Describe a famous museum