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Essay Questions over Towards Independence:
These essay questions are possible questions for the unit exam. Of these three essays, two will be
randomly selected to be placed on the Exam. Of the two on the exam you will be responsible for
writing on one of them. Any questions please ask. This sheet is for your benefit and does not
need to be turned in with homework. Please take the time to write in an outline to help you
prepare a solid essay question.
Question 1: As Britain attempted to recover its losses in the French and Indian War, the government
attempted more and more aggressive policies with the colonies. Discuss this process citing specific actions
taken by the British and reactions of the Colonists (Example: Tea Act and Tea Party)
Question 2: What topics did the Declaration of Independence address and what were some specific example
and goals of those topics?
Question 3: Americans did not originally desire separation from England, only better
treatment. Explain the process that created the shift towards Independence.