Osmosis Investigation

Biology and Disease
Osmosis Investigation
Investigating how concentration of glucose affects osmosis in potato chips
Osmosis is a special case of_____________ in which water moves from a solution of
higher _________ ________ to a solution of lower ___________ __________
through a ____________ ______________ membrane.
How could you tell if cells had gained or lost water by osmosis?
*View the animation for this investigation*
What equipment is needed for this investigation?
The method involves placing potato chips into different concentrations of glucose.
What is the independent variable?
What is the dependent variable?
What are the control variables?
Concentration/ M
Initial mass
of potato /g
Final mass of
potato/ g
Change in mass
of potato/ g
% change in mass
(change divided by
What does this tell you about the effect of glucose concentration on the rate of
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