Essay questions for CHAPTER 1:

Sample Essay questions for Exam 1:
1. How do efficiency and effectiveness differ?
2. Explain the characteristics of Decision Support Systems (DSS). How
do they differ from those of EIS?
3. Define business transactions and give some examples.
4. What is an MIS? What are the characteristics of MIS? How does MIS
differ from DSS?
5. Describe a Transaction Processing Systems (TPS) along with an
6. Identify the basic components of an Information System (IS).
7. Describe the system concept and its components.
8. What is an Executive Information Systems (EIS)?
9. Explain “effectiveness”.
10. Explain “efficiency”.
11. List and define types of information systems used in organizations.
12. How do data and information differ?
13. Define the term information system (IS).
14. How do batch processing and online processing differ?
15. What is an open system?
16. What is a cybernetic system?