“The Importance of Recycling” Public Service Announcement

“The Importance of Recycling” Public Service Announcement
You will write a 30-second Public Service Announcement (PSA) that can air on a local
access cable channel or radio station, be shown to the school, or posted on the UMS
A PSA is a short, non-commercial announcement that provides information to the
A successful PSA meets the following objectives:
Gets the viewer's/listener’s attention
Convinces the audience that they can make a difference
Makes every word and image count
Uses emotions to compel your audience
Clearly calls the viewer to action
Always try to answer the obvious questions of who, what, when, where, why and
Your PSA will include the following vocabulary:
natural resource,
renewable resource,
nonrenewable resource,
Write/Google Docs 1-2 paragraphs (30 seconds) about the importance of recycling,
using these vocab words. Include an illustration/drawing/image…up to you!
Please use this paper for a rough draft of ideas.
Your final PSA will be on page ___ of your INB. (unless on google docs)