Telephone Call Rules: Pre- and Post-Official Visit

Please see the information below as it relates to telephone calls in conjunction with an official visit:
NCAA bylaw permits coaching staff members to make an unlimited number of phone calls
to a PSA during the 5 days immediately preceding (prior to) the PSA's official visit.
NCAA bylaw permits athletic department staff members may make unlimited number of
phone calls to a PSA or those individuals accompanying the PSA during the PSA's official visit
transportation and during his or her visit.
Once the visit concludes (end of 48-hour period, PSA returned to destination), there are no longer any
telephone call exceptions and only coaching staff members may call telephone calls subject to the
applicable NCAA restrictions (one call per week, etc.)
Under circumstances in which a portion of the week (measured Sunday through Saturday) occurs during
a period in which you may make unlimited telephone calls to a prospect, you are permitted an additional
telephone call during the remaining portion of that week during which one telephone call per week is
permitted to the prospect
Note, it is not permissible to make an unlimited number of calls to the parents of a PSA if the
parents are not accompanying the PSA during the official visit.
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