THE GRAPES OF WRATH—Chapters 23 & 24 Discussion Questions

THE GRAPES OF WRATH—Chapters 23 & 24 Discussion Questions
1. Why does the intercalary chapter stress the pleasures of the migrants?
2. What makes up “these three in the evening”?
3. Describe the events on a Saturday at the government camp.
4. How does the Central Committee plan to handle the attempt to “bust up the dance”?
5. Explain the story of the “little fella,” relief, and the cop. Why do cops not like government
6. How does Al go about preparing for the dance?
7. How is Rose of Sharon handling her new life as a single mother-to-be?
8. What realizations about trying to survive as migrant workers in the Golden State do the men
9. What have the dances at the government camp provided for the migrants?
10. How doe the men recognize the dance “busters”?
11. How do the men of the camp handle the dance “busters”? Who are they?
12. Pa says “They’s change a-comin.” What kind of change do you think he is talking about? Why?
Find three words from the reading that are new to you, mark their place in the text, look up their
definitions, and be prepared to share your finds with the class.