Essay Questions

College U.S. History II
Chapter 36
Essay Questions
Answer these questions on a separate sheet of paper.
1. What effects did WWII have on the American economy? What role did American industry and agriculture
play in the war?
2. Discuss the effects of WWII on women and on racial and ethnic minorities. Is it accurate to see the war as a
key turning point in the movement toward equality for some or all of these groups?
3. What were the “costs” of WWII, and what were its effects on America’s role in the world?
Some terms and ideas you should become familiar with.
“Get Germany First” strategy
Patriotic assimilation of immigrants
Korematsu v. U.S.
War Production Board
War Labor Board
Women in the war effort
“Rosie the Riveter’s”
Fair Employment Practices Commission
Congress of Racial Equality
Race riots
Unemployment issues cease
Chiang Kai-shek
Bataan Death March
Island-hopping strategy
Fighting in North Africa
Enigma code machine
Gen. Bernard Montgomery
Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower
Invasion of Italy
FDR wins 4th term
Battle of the Bulge
Hitler’s death
V-E Day
Potsdam Conference
Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
The “costs” of WWII
Wartime mobilization
Japanese internment camps
The official end of the New Deal era
Office of Price Administration
Smith-Connally Anti-Strike Act
Import of braceros
Wartime migrations throughout the U.S.
“Double V”
Navajo “code talkers”
The American Home Front
Japanese control of the Pacific
Gen.Douglas MacArthur
Admiral Chester Nimitz
“Suicide Cliff”
Casablanca conference
“Desert Fox”
Battle of Stalingrad
“Unconditional surrender” policy
Tehran Conference
Gen. George S. Patton
Sen. Harry S. Truman
The Holocaust
FDR’s death
Fire bomb raids on Tokyo
Development and use of the Atomic Bomb
V-J Day
Gen. George C. Marshall