America in World War II

America in World War II
Chapter 35
Understand the role of various groups of people during the war
Understand the strategic decisions made in terms of war plans (fronts and
conferences) and in terms of greater geo-political concerns
Understand the increased power of the federal government as established through
its war time policies.
US Domestic Wartime Policy – Mandatory Controls - Rationing
What were the “Four Freedoms” that FDR stated the Japanese and Nazis were
attempting to take away?
Define the following agencies and their powers:
War Production Board –
Office of Price Administration
War Labor Board –
Smith-Connally Anti-Strike Act (1943) –
What labor rights in the Wagner Act of 1935 were temporarily suspended under this
What do you think was the effect of the United Mine Workers’ strike during WWII on
public perceptions of unions?
Minority Groups
German-American and Italian-Americans (p. 822) –
Why weren’they discriminated against?
Japanese-Americans – (pp. 822-823)
Internment Camps –What were they?
Korematsu vs. US – what did the Supreme Court rule in this case?
What did the US government do in 1988 to make amends?
Nisei Regiments – what were they?
What roles did women serve in the US military during the war?
Braceros program –
In what areas did women see the most employment?
“Rosie the Riveter”
What impact did women’s employment in industry have after the war?
Minorities roles domestically
Where did southern blacks migrate to during World War II?
What executive order did FDR issue?
What was the Fair Employment Practices Act?
What was the “Double V”?
After the war, what invention caused nearly 5 million African Americans to move North?
What role did Native Americans play in World War II?
Who were the “code talkers”?
What were the “Zoot-Suit Riots”? and what do they represent about our culture at that
Atomic Bomb:
Define “Manhattan Project”What was the Potsdam Ultimatum
When was the bomb dropped?
Allied Victory
How many American casualities and how many American deaths?
Why were many soldiers saved in World War II?
State any three positive effects of World War II for America?
Greater Focus:
How do you explain the fact that though discrimination existed, all minority groups
fought and were strong supporters of the United States government? What lessons can
be learned from this?