E.O. Smith High School
Application for
Class Officer
I, ______________________________________ wish to run for_________________ of
the Class of ______________
Name of Position
fill in the year
* In order to run for Senior Class President, you must have served as a class officer*
Section I: Administrative Information
Email Address ______________________________________
Section II: Sponsorship
Statement of Faculty Sponsorship for ___________________________
Name of Applicant
To become a candidate for the Class Officer, a faculty member or administrator must
sponsor you.
They should know you and be willing to speak on your behalf. Please select a sponsor
and have them sign below.
Sponsor Name (Print):
Sponsor Name (Sign):
Section III: Personal Statement
In your own words, please provide a statement explaining why you believe you would be
a good class officer. You must EMAIL your personal statement to your advisor. This
statement should be no more than 100 words.
(This above paragraph is 37 words)
Section III: Video Speech (Optional)
You may choose to record a video speech. You can either film your speech in school by
contacting Ms. Frederick (video production room) or by using your own device (video
camera or cell phone) with video recording. The video speech should last no more than 1
minute. You must EMAIL your video speech to your advisor. All speeches must be
appropriate and are subject to administrative review. Speeches must not exceed 40
Section IV: Petition
A petition that must be signed by at least 25 different members of your class must be
turned in with the rest of the application materials.
Section V: Signatures
I understand that if elected as class officer, I agree to represent my class to the best of my
ability. Furthermore, I understand that completing this form does not guarantee election
as a class officer, and that information presented here is accurate. I intend to participate
in the election process with dignity, integrity and diligence. I will also follow the specific
guidelines set forth by my advisors as to the dates and duties regarding the position. I
understand that if I do not comply with all of the guidelines, I will not be placed on the
Student Signature
I have read the information provided by my son/daughter on this form and can verify that
it is true, accurate, and complete in its presentation.
Parent Signature
Please be advised that failure to submit any part of the application will disqualify you
from the election. If you have any questions or concerns, please see your advisor.
September 18, 2015
The application must be completed and handed in person to your class advisors. No
late applications will be accepted. Remember personal statements and video speeches
should be emailed to your advisor.
Checklist for Application
_____ Statement
_____ Sponsorship
_____ Petition
_____ Signatures
_____ Video (Optional)
Advisor Use Only
Completed Application turned in on __________
Received by _____________
Regional District #19
Petition for Class Officers
Twenty-five different members of my class have signed this petition.
1. ___________________________
14. ___________________________
2. ___________________________
15. ___________________________
3. ___________________________
16. ___________________________
4. ___________________________
17. ___________________________
5. ___________________________
18. ___________________________
6. ___________________________
19. ___________________________
7. ___________________________
20. ___________________________
8. ___________________________
21. ___________________________
9. ___________________________
22. ___________________________
10. ___________________________
23. ___________________________
11. ___________________________
24. ___________________________
12. ___________________________
25. ___________________________
13. ___________________________