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Anticipated Graduation Date:
If you would like an experience not on the list of approved cross-cultural activities to be considered for
fulfilling this requirement, it must be in keeping with goals of the King College Catalogue:
The cross-cultural experience confronts students’ pre-suppositions and helps broaden their
awareness and appreciation of diverse cultures. It seeks to prepare them to operate more
thoughtfully in a world that is increasingly inter-connected. As students encounter other cultures,
they may realize ways to interact creatively to meet needs they see and will also realize that new
situations transform them.
If you are seeking approval for a non-college-sponsored experience, you should also note the following:
 The submitted experience must demonstrate significant engagement and interaction with a
culture different from your own that would be equivalent in nature to a King College
mission trip or a King College endorsed study abroad program. Therefore, experiences such
as tours or vacations generally will not be accepted. Also, experiences of an exceedingly
short duration generally will not be accepted.
 Your academic advisor must endorse your petition for cross-cultural experience credit.
Pre-Approval Petition:
Please describe the experience for which you are submitting this petition here in 25-50 words:
Advisor Signature/Date
Student Signature/Date
Chair, CCAWG/Date
 You are expected to submit with this form a well-written essay of 500 or more words
explaining what you did and how your experience addresses the statement from the
catalogue printed above. You must submit this once you have received pre-approval and
you have completed the experience.
 This signed and dated form and the essay should be submitted to the Core Curriculum
Assessment Working Group via the Office of Registration and Records.
Chair, CCAWG/Date
Rev. 02/21/11