Reading Comprehension and Research Questions 13

English 7
Tunes for Bears to Dance To
Pages 13-26 Reading Comprehension
1) What surprises Henry the most about Mr. Hairston?
2) Describe Mr. Hairston’s daughter Doris.
3) To what does Henry compare Doris?
4) How does Mr. Hairston explain the bruise on Doris’ cheek?
5) Who does Henry pray for before he goes to sleep?
6) How does the old man initially react when he discovers Henry following him?
7) What is the old building used for?
8) Who is the old man?
9) What is the giant’s name?
10) What does Mr. Levine carve for Henry?
11) Why does George want Henry to come back to visit Mr. Levine?
English 7
Tunes for Bears to Dance To
Pages 13-26 Research Comprehension
1) Mr. Hairston states, “I’d make them line up. Make them wait, acting like the stuff hadn’t arrived
yet but was expected any minute. All the time the order was here and they waited in line. I was
like a dictator, the way they treated me. I was a dictator,” (14-15). What is a dictator?
2) Read the quote in the box about eyes here .
a. What could this say about Doris when Henry says, “the dark eyes deep in their sockets,
like the windows of a haunted house”
b. Click on this image of a haunted house. What would you possibly see if you looked in
the windows of the haunted house?
c. Thus, what could it be saying about Doris if her eyes are like windows of a haunted
3) Henry refers to the “Our Father” when he says, “Deliver us from evil”. You can read it here.
a. Who would be considered evil in the novel so far?
4) Why do you think Mr. Levine’s family is dead?