Narrating events - past tenses

Mrs Jones and Henry – grammar analysis
Look at the lines from the story below. Decide which of the following
applies to each line.
background information – the situation just before the story starts
actions that finish before the next action starts
actions that are unfinished when the next action starts
Yesterday evening, Mrs Jones was working in her garden,
while her cat, Henry, was playing near her.
Suddenly, Henry ran up a tree.
Mrs Jones called to Henry,
but he couldn’t get down,
so she rang the Fire Brigade.
While she was waiting for them to arrive,
she tried to tempt him with some fish.
The Fire Brigade eventually arrived,
put up their ladder
and rescued Henry.
Mrs Jones was so pleased that she invited them in for tea.
While they were having tea
they didn’t see Henry go outside again
and ten minutes later, as they were leaving,
they ran over him
And unfortunately killed him.