Definition of controversial issue

Demo Paragraph: Definition of controversial issue
Thesis: Although some people believe gun control creates a less violent society,
research indicates gun control has too many ineffective limitations and violates
individual rights instigating more criminal activity; therefore, lawmakers should
examine more effective alternatives for violence prevention.
The issue of violence in society has long since been a problem for politicians, and
a concern for citizens who want to curtail the amount of violence in our world, nation,
communities, and schools. Gun control has been a consistent choice for many as a
solution to the violence problem. John Smith, a noted constitutional historian, defines
gun control as the limitation or regulation of any type of gun order to promote safety
(Smith 10). There are many forms of gun control ranging from licensing regulations to
more strict legislation and even outright banning of guns. According to Grolier
Encyclopedia.Com, gun control has been causing political and judicial unrest since 1968.
The controversy swells around the issue because Americans want to feel safe, but also
want to feel the freedoms they are allowed through the United States Constitution.
Another expert believes that gun control is continually pushed after tragedy strikes such
as the attempted assassination of a political official, and especially after the deaths of
innocent students such as the event in Littleton, Colorado (Johnson). Incidents of
violence occur and society wants a cure. While gun control does put limitations on
specific types of guns, or strengthens the power of licensing regulations and laws these
limits have not created security, but more unrest. Citizens cry out against controls on
guns because the limits have been declared violations of the amendments by the Supreme
Court at different times.
One example of this is the revocation of the Brady Bill in 1997. The Brady Bill
was promoted for seven years because it emphasized the importance of background
checks and waiting period for gun consumers, “The Supreme Court ruled in 1997,
however, that the background check requirements of the Brady Bill were a violation of
the rights of the individual states” (Grolier). This is simply one example of legislation,
while good in purpose became ineffective (“Gun Control is Not the Answer”). Another
example of ineffective legislation was the Republican sponsored bill after Littleton,
Colorado. While it required…
Things to look for:
1. Thesis Statement
2. Clear definition of gun control
3. Background information
4. Clear conflict or controversy explained and proven
5. Support through examples from research
6. Use of Sandwich Quotes
7. Transition to counterargument